Wednesday, June 14, 2017

"Thoroughbred Games"

Remember when I said that Jack needed someone to play Thoroughbred Games with?

I take it back.

Jack and Newboy eat separately from Beau and Spots, because Beau and Spots eat half of what the two TBs eat, finish first, and then go after the TBs bowls. Somehow, a pony and a 26 year old Quarter Horse can drive two big, robust young horses out of their feed.

So, last week I separate everyone, dump feed, and go into the house for a bit. About a half hour later, my neighbor is knocking on my door.

"Your horses are loose!"

"Shit! Which ones?"

"Jack and the new one!"


With the help of my extremely helpful and patient neighbors, I rounded up my wayward beasts. I still don't know how the two idiots got out, but I suspect they must have somehow unlatched the gate. The gate swings back shut after it's been opened, so it's entirely possible for them to unlatch it, walk through, then have it swing shut behind them. The gate does latch from the outside, but they're both tall enough to reach over the gate.

I mostly blame Newboy for this, because Jack doesn't know how gates work.

All gates are now chained in addition to being latched. Some also have locks on them.

How to keep Thoroughbreds in.

A few days ago, I walked out expecting to play with my horses, only to find that one has a giant scrape down his back and the other is lame. I'm reasonably certain the two injuries are related. They do love to play together.

Right where the saddle goes.

Newboy's scrape is healing well, and he'll be ready to go back to work soon. I'm hoping Jack's lameness is just a stone bruise, but Jack has a history of turning stone bruises into raging abscesses. *Fingers Crossed*

"Thoroughbred Games", indeed!

In other news, I did finally read Newboy's tattoo and identify him. I contacted his breeder and his last trainer and it turns out they've been looking for him since he retired in 2015. They're both happy to know that he's safe and sound. The trainer even gave me some peace of mind about the bow, turns out he got him with the bow back in 2013 and he raced for two years on it. Talk about an old and set bow!



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