Saturday, March 4, 2017


So, in my hiatus from blogging I noticed that a few things have changed. I no longer have a reading list on Blogger, which is annoying because now I'm going to have to track everyone's blog down individually. I also no longer have a Blogger app for my iPhone (they switched the app to Android only, because Google). How annoying.  I may have to switch platforms, except I'm super lazy and probably won't do that. How does everyone else keep up with blogs?

In other news, Jack either ran into something or was bitten by one of his "friends" (with Jack, there's no telling) so I guess I have to wait for the swelling to go down before I do anything with him. I mean, I suppose I could still ride him or something, but it's cold and windy today so I'll just let him heal while I screw around on the internet and drink wine do important blog research.

Looks painful, better let that rest.

These posts don't write themselves, after all.


  1. Jeez horse, how did you do that. You are right it's too cold to be outside. Tonight I was trying to get my mare into her stall and she was being hesitant. I may or may not have been overheard saying 'for chissakes mare get your arse in there.' :D Wine sounds good to me.

  2. That does look bitey to me, but who knows how they hurt themselves half the time haha

  3. Feedly is really great for reading blogs. Horses always have the oddest injuries!

  4. My reading list changed in format but didn't disappear. I've thought about switching to Wordpress because I like the look of blogs on that platform, but I'm too set in my ways. Its snowing here today so I'm cruising the internet and eating Jelly Bellys. Wine will come later...

  5. Ouch!! Also my blog list on my sidebar straight up disappeared one day and I had to totally rebuild it. What a drag. Worth it tho bc there are so many great blogs out there!!

  6. I highly recommend switching to wordpress. I made the change last year and it is so much better. It looks like your list is back, but in the future if you need a reader, I use feedly for following blogs.

  7. That looks yucky (agree that it looks bitey, too). Hope he's feeling better soon!

    Thank you other readers for the tip on Feedly. I'm going nuts without the darn Reading List! I know people are going to slip through the cracks. :(

  8. Feedly! That's what I use to keep track of blogs and blog posts :D


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