Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sizing Up The Great Red Menace

"The Great Red Menace" is my nickname for Jack, because a horse with a four letter name absolutely needs a four word nickname. He's not really too much of a menace, either.... unless you count all the stuff of mine he's broken and his desire to stand nearly on top of me at all times.

At All Times.

As a two year old on the track he was measured at around 16.2, then I acquired him and had him gelded. Throughout his 3rd, 4th and 5th year he grew, and grew, and then grew some more and I never bothered to measure him again, mostly because I don't have one of those horse-measuring stick-things. (Also because I kind of didn't want to know.) But, for some reason, USEF always wants to know how tall the horse is on all their stupid forms, so I figured I should probably figure that out.

Pictured: Precision Measuring Tool.

Since I know I'm 5'3 (or 63 inches, or 160 centimeters), I figured I could just stand next to Jack with the stick on my head and then figure out how much taller he is than me. This ended up not really working.

They used to let me run laboratories at Rutgers.

Then, I remembered that I own a tape measurer, so I decided to use that instead.

This worked much better.

Verdict: Jack is almost 69 inches tall. (This wasn't exactly a precision operation, more of a rough estimate.) Thats about 175 centimeters, which is 17.1 hands according to the Centimeters to Hands Conversion chart I found online.  Also, I found out that I am 15.3 hands. Good to know, I think that's how I'm going to start listing my height on medical forms.

Emma over at 'Fraidy Cat Eventing recently started a sort of unofficial blog hop when she posted her OTTB's pedigree, so I thought I'd jump on that bandwagon while we're discussing The Great Red Menace.

It's blurry because I'm a dumbass, clicking on it makes it clear.

He's not the worst bred, not the best bred. His sire is pretty successful as far as racing goes, but the only thing Jack got from him was the color. I've never heard anything about Strong Contender as a Sporthorse sire, or Maria's Mon. His dam is pretty well bred, but she only had two starts and never placed.  (With a name like "Eighteen Shots", what do you expect?) Terlingua (Eighteen Shots' sire's dam), was also the dam of the notorious Storm Cat and supposedly the source of his attitude. It does not seem to have passed down to Jack. 

Jack himself was purchased for $3K as a two year old, had three starts, and came in dead last every time. His breeder seems to have a few other horses running, but I've never been able to find any contact info, so that's a dead end. (My theory: He's in hiding after hearing about the dismal career of Good Man Jack.) His only trainer is my good friend and neighbor, and she didn't even have him that long. So, that's all I really know about Jack.

Come to think of it, I've owned Jack for longer than anyone. He's less "OTTB" and more "BDTB" at this point.

 (That's "Backyard Dressage Thoroughbred"). 


  1. I didn't realize you'd had Jack that long. Love the scientific measurements.

  2. My guy is at 17.0 hands too. It's hard getting the brush up there and putting on the sheets or blankets can be a challenge. I have a very tall mounting table.

    Jack has some nice horses in his later generations. Apparently, speed was not one of his inherited factors, or at least the desire to finish in front was not in the mix. He sounds like a laid back fellow, although rather mischievous.

    I do like his nickname. Of course, as time goes on, I somehow suspect he will earn new monikers. "Tubcrusher Toes" comes to mind. *lol* Give him a hug from me. I love TB's OTTB or BDTB or DNTB (Do nothing TB's like mine at the moment.) Everyone I've known has been a unique character.

  3. I sometimes list my height as 16hh. :) it's fun to do on forms....

  4. Lol I had a stick just like that for measuring jump heights haha! I'm really enjoying looking at all these pedigrees and hearing all the stories behind everyone's TB. It must be kind of a cool feeling knowing that really despite Jack being young (is he younger than my guy even?) he's still been yours for so long. Whereas my guy was on the track for so long I feel like it's gonna take a lonnnnng time to transition him to even anything resembling the "BDTB" lol

  5. I giggled at the not measuring because you don't want to know -- I'm the same way with Ruby. She hasn't been officially measured in 2 years and I'm happy with me "she's about 16 hands" mentality (even though I know she's closer to 17 than 16 at this point haha). Jack has some good runners in his pedigree. But it's a good thing he was slow, because now he gets to live with you! 😀


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