Sunday, November 27, 2016

Finally, Something That Can Be Fixed.... Probably (Maybe)

I think we have a winner in Steroid Injection Roulette!

My Sacroiliac Joint!


I had it injected 3 weeks ago, and my pain and function are markedly improved. I can stand up straight and walk without a limp, and I'm no longer in crippling pain. I still have aches here and there, since I also have pretty bad arthritis throughout my spine and hips, but it's manageable.

After noting that the SI injection helped, my Physiatrist sent me to Physical Therapy. The PT did a more thorough review, and noted that my IT band (a band of connective tissue that surrounds the muscles that run down the outside of the femur) and my piriformis (a muscle in the butt) are extremely tight and reactive on the left side. And by "reactive", I mean that I seriously want to hit anyone who starts poking at those areas. It's very ouchy.

I tried finding a picture with SI, IT and piriformis in it, but I came up empty.

I had always known those areas hurt, but it had paled in comparison to the pain in my lower back so I ignored it. The PT thinks either the SI pain was caused by those two areas being out of whack and pulling on my SI joint, or my SI being out of whack caused those two areas to be painful. Chicken or egg doesn't matter here, we start by fixing the IT band and the piriformis.

How does one do that? With tedious stretches and exercises to strengthen my left leg and my core. It's ouchy and annoying, but I guess it's working. I won't really know until the injections wear off. On the bright side, since SI isn't a typical joint it doesn't break down after repeated steroid injections like other joints. The Physiatrist says I can have as many injections as I want! Hopefully the PT will keep me from needing them, but it's nice to know that's an option.

On the horse front, I'm still not doing much. I go through the motions, but my heart isn't in it yet. I still cry a few times a week. I get frustrated easily. It's all still very raw.

Jack is having a tough time with the transition, too. His role has changed from "Third Wheel" to "Serious Work" and he's not really sure what to do yet. He's still the same lovable goofball, just a very confused and frustrated lovable goofball.

We'll get there.


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