Friday, October 7, 2016

And Then Everyone Was Lame.

I make a plan to get my ass in gear, and then it all goes to hell.

After Jack's saddle fitting, it rained for three days straight. Somewhere in that time frame, Jack decided to brew up an abscess. So, I can't really do any "work" work with him, but I can take him out and just fuss with him. He enjoys any sort of attention, so it's still a win.

Over the many years I have spent with horses, I have found that the single most important thing you can do with them is just simply to hang out with them. We often focus so much on training programs and lessons that we forget to just spend time with our horses. Horses and humans are both social animals, and we both thrive in situations where we are allowed to interact freely with others. You don't really get that social interaction if you're just schooling your horse, just like you don't get to be super chums with your co-workers during a high stress project at work. If you want to develop a relationship with someone, you've got to go outside the work environment.

Honestly, my kids are the best trainers I've ever met.

I'm also lame, but that's not big news because I'm always lame. My back is acting up again, but this time I'm even more annoyed because I haven't been riding!

See, for years every Doc I saw told me that my back problems were being made worse because of of my riding and they couldn't "fix" me until I stopped riding. Well, guess what? I haven't ridden seriously since Aug 7 and my back still friggen' hurts! So, I went to my physiatrist and said: "Fix this."

My new tentative diagnosis is Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. That's mostly based on the fact that they've treated my spine, hip and knee with no improvement.  The SI joint is nearly impossible to assess with x-ray and MRI, and the pain it causes mimics lumbar spine, hip and knee joint pain. It's basically a diagnosis of exclusion: My back, hip and knee hurts, they've all been treated, let's inject the SI and see if that helps.

So, I'll be getting that done.

On the bright side, I have been in complete remission from my Crohn's since starting immune suppressant drugs. This is the longest I have been in remission since my diagnosis in 2005. I have had three colds in the 6 weeks my kids have been back in school, but I'll take colds over Crohn's any damn day!

I guess we're moving forward now, huh?


  1. Since crushing my foot in May, I haven't been able to ride either. I do hang out with them though and I swear I am closer to them as a result -- Lucy in particular. She follows me around like a dog; something I've never had a horse do before. It's almost better than riding; almost. Good news on the Crohns. Hope you are back in the saddle soon.

  2. It's too bad about the abscess but perhaps it's nice that you are just hanging out (especially with your back). That's why I love having my horses at home- it makes hanging out so much easier.

  3. Add me to the list of hanger-outers. Until my house building experiment is completed, riding will be minimal. Val doesn't give a rip as I'm more available for extensive scratching/massage sessions. I stand on the mounting block and he shoves the offending body part under my hands. Easy peasy ;D

    SO glad to hear you're in remission. Congratulations :D

  4. So awesome you are in remission! And I agree about just spending time with your horse. Not everyday has to be work work work. And I think the horses enjoy just ... being.

  5. BTW, I just put a link to this post on my blog - my take on the same subject.

  6. I hope you are both sound soon! Would back on track stuff help your back at all? I make my husband wear the knee brace they make and it really helps him. That's wonderful news about the remission. :)

  7. I'm terrible about getting really goal-focused and forgetting to toodle and spend quiet time hanging out with my horse. So glad you're finding some relief.

  8. Sorry about your back, but glad to hear your crohns is under control. It's a hard disease. I agree, especially as adults with limited time, we forget about just hanging with our equine buddies. My mare was super happy when I moved her to a stall right by the side door, she gets to say hi to everyone lol.

  9. Also totally agreed on the value of spending time just being with the horse - I'm trying to do a lot of that with my new ottb and it's really helping us get to know each other.

    Re: the SI injection, good luck and hopefully it provides the same sense of total relief that I've seen the injection do for some horses!

  10. This is very exciting but also super lame! I hope your physiotherapists can sort out their shit soon!

  11. Great news about the Chohn's disease. I will keep wishing you well on that one.

    There are all kinds of new breakthroughs in helping back problems on the horizon. SI issues can be really painful. Hopefully your chosen treatment will work. Sending good vibes.

    I have three horses here and last week, all three were lame to some degree. Sometimes the stars just don't align according to plan. *sigh*

    Feel better. I am rooting for you.


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