Tuesday, May 10, 2016

When Life Hands You Lemons, Get Another Horse.

A few weeks ago I posted this picture on social media with the caption, "My son is pouting because he doesn't want to let his sister have a turn on the pony. I see another pony in our future."

We've all felt this way.

My son was never as interested in riding as my daughter, mostly because he's two years younger. Having one pony worked well, because he never rode long, and was always on the leadline. But, this year he's decided that he's actually interested in riding by himself and wants to have equal pony time. That's not exactly fair to Spots, so I figured we'd start sort of looking. Nothing serious, just browsing. 

And then a lady I know from the shows I run contacted me. She had seen my post and wanted to know if I'd be interested in her retired horse. I knew the horse from my shows, he was a quiet, steady fellow. Just the type of horse I needed to babysit my son. 

So, we struck up a deal and Beau's Last Anchor is now the newest member of our little farm family. 

My son is taking his new charge very seriously.
He's a 25 years young Quarter Horse and a real solid citizen. And my son is so happy to have his very own horse. We're only "borrowing" him, his owner loves him very much and has owned him since he was three, so she didn't want to give up ownership of him. He's here to live out his life as a free lease.

Because, obviously, what I needed to do with my neck being all screwy was take on another horse. Maybe that's only logical to horse people.....

In other news, I did get my MRI results and there are no significant changes since my last neck MRI, so my new Doc thinks it's muscular and ordered Physical Therapy. Basically, he thinks that my muscles have tightened up around the herniated discs to try to protect them, but the tight muscles are actually making the problem worse. 

I started PT last week, and so far it consists of traction and electrical stimulation therapy. I did ask the PT if she treated many horse people, and she said she did. She also said that she never tells horse people to stop riding, because she knows it isn't going to happen. I like this PT. 


  1. Yay for the new pony! Boo for the neck pain! Hopefully the PT helps you recover quickly.

  2. I had that same problem with muscles tightening up in my lower back around stress fractures in my spine. I LOVED the EST and wore my tens unit all the time. I hope that helps you too!

  3. Muscles sound more fixable than bones and discs, so that seems positive?

    And yes. The answer was definitely another horse.

  4. there's nothing like an aged QH. they are such wonderful teachers. I'm happy for your son. I hope that you can get your neck sorted. Glad that nothing serious showed on the MRI

  5. Just like potato chips, right? We're up to 4. But I think it's safe to say we will be at this number for a long while. Hope that PT gives some relief. I may be bias but regular massage could help also.

  6. Well, of course you needed another horse. It was very obvious to me. And it sounds perfect for your son, and his new horse, and the owner. Now if we could just get your neck fixed...

  7. aww that horse looks so sweet with your son! good luck with the PT too, what a pain :(

  8. Hope the PT helps! Congrats on the new horse!

  9. What a great solution to the "problem." Beau looks perfect.

    Hope the PT does its job. You might try a bit of acupuncture too...how about some massage therapy? The chiropractic clinic I go to up here...way to far for you, obviously...has PT, acupuncture and massage. Maybe there is some place near you where you could try a little to see if either helps those muscles. Feel better.


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