Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Maybe It's Time To Start The Chestnut"

My view as I was I writing this.

My trainer has been in Florida all winter, and therefore not around to deal with the existential crisis I've been having about my and Spider's potential unsoundness.

I filled him in a couple days ago. His response: "Maybe it's time to start the chestnut."  

He means Jack, and he means that maybe it's time to move on and accept that maybe my training with Spider is over. 

He's a realist, that's just his personality. I'm an idealist, so my response was to tell him to fuck right off. 

It's the response of a petulant child when you try to take away her favorite toy. I know this, because I have two children and deal with this crap every day.

It doesn't change how I feel about it, though. I'm not going to give up my favorite toy without a lot of tears, tantrums, and sulking. I'll do the right thing, obviously, but I'm going to throw an epic fit about it. 

I'm having an MRI next week. I saw a new Doc, who looked at my X-rays, did a neurological exam, and immediately told me to stop riding. Being an idealist, I told him to fuck right off. (Yes, I actually said that.) Then he sighed, ordered the MRI, and agreed to try to fix me. I like this new guy, I think I can work with him.


  1. Sometimes you just have to throw an epic tantrum. But your chestnut is a lovely horse too.

  2. Tantrum away, it is your right! The chestnut could be fun, but so is Spider. Totally agree with telling the doctor to F off, glad he is willing to get creative!

  3. "doctor...told me to stop riding. Being an idealist, I told him to fuck right off."

    heh heh heh Your new doc sounds like he's got some game - maybe his wife is an idealist too.

  4. Being realistic is all well and fine and whatnot. But most adult amateurs aren't riding horses for logical, rational or even necessarily sane reasons. We do it out of passion. And sometimes that passion can make a big difference in what's "realistic" or not. Good luck!

  5. I love your attitude. Git 'r done.

  6. When I had to retire Jackson, I threw an epic fit. I think the fit lasted a year. He was (and still is) my heart horse and I still miss riding him. Sometimes it takes a long time, and a lot of tears and screaming, to reach the right decision. You can't rush the process and I know you will do the right thing, whatever that is, in the end. ...and I love chestnuts. Just sayin'.

  7. You can start the chestnut, keep riding Spider, AND continue to tell everyone to fuck right off. I support these decisions!


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