Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Never Did Much With Him

"You've got to be realistic." (Any Joe Abercrombie fans out there?)

I do have to be realistic and I think I might have reached my pinnacle. I think this as good as it will ever get, and I never did get to Grand Prix. Or even Prix St. George. 

I got to Third Level. 

And I really didn't do well at Third Level. 

But, the other day I was talking to someone who just got a Thoroughbred, and she's riding dressage, and I was showing her all the pictures I have in my phone of all the things I've done with Spider. 

She said, "Wow! You've done so much with him!" So, then I looked at it again, and sifted through the pictures of the decade I've spent with Spider. 


Hunter Paces

Beginner Lessons

More Hunter Paces

I wrote those first paragraphs a couple weeks ago, but never finished the post. Since then Spider has seen both both my trainer and my vet, who both say he's fine.

The conversation with my trainer actually went like this: (I'm riding Spider during this conversation.)

Trainer: "So, you feel that he is uneven?" 

Me: "No, I just feel like he's not quite right. Does he look uneven?"

Trainer: "No. He looks fine. What is it you're feeling?"

Me: "I feel like he's not picking that right hind up."

Trainer: "He never has. It is good you finally noticed." 

He's lucky he was standing across the arena, because I would have hit him with my whip if I were closer to him. But, he's right. That right hind has always been an issue with Spider. I've been riding Spots and Jack a lot more recently, and there's a damn good chance the only reason I thought Spider was feeling off was because I was spending more time riding horses that don't have the same training issues Spider does. There's something to be said for riding multiple horses, when you only ride one horse you can go sort of "blind" to some of their training issues.

My vet, who has also known Spider since I got him, only noted that during some parts of the lameness exam he seemed a little arthritic. 

We're going to try him on a course of previcox, an NSAID that's easier on their stomach than Bute,  and put him back into full work.

Now we move on to me. I'll get the results of my MRI and the new doctor's treatment plan next week. Until then, I'll keep plugging away.


  1. I am at this point, most likely, with my Diva mare. And like you, because of riding the new little mare now, I am becoming more aware of Diva's unevenness.
    Love all the pics of your times with Spider - what an all around great guy!

  2. We recently put Flash on previcox for his arthritis and it is working wonders.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you own results now!

  4. Great news re Spider. I hope things go well for you too.

  5. Great news re Spider. I hope things go well for you too.

  6. That's a pretty varied portfolio with Spider. Hope he does well on the Previcox, I know personally I'm amazed at how much pain I'm ignoring until I take a healthy dose of NSAIDS and its better. I'm sure horses can get pretty good relief too. Hope your MRI results and plan go well.

  7. There's a lot of serviceably sound horses out there still doing the work. If he's still happy and comfortable working, no reason not to keep going. Lots of creatures, human and otherwise, have a lil hitch in their giddy-up :) Hope the results are good!

  8. Sounds like pretty good feedback from all corners. Good luck!

  9. Great news and I am sure Spider agrees.


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