Saturday, December 5, 2015

Accountability, Or Something: Ride Journal Week 1

"Saturday: Hunter Pace: Did the "fun division". Forgot to turn on map app, but it was about 3 miles at walk, then an hour or so of putzing around the winery. 

The winery had a ride up wine bar, hence the hour or so spent putzing around the grounds. There was a food truck, too, but the food truck owner got a little nervous when I rode up to them and Spider started trying to eat things. 

Sunday: recovering from cold from hell, hunter pace and general slug-like state. No riding, but I did exercise!"

So, Austen over at Guinea For A Guinness had a great idea to start posting a weekly ride journal. I decided to shamelessly steal that idea, and the above is as far as I got. On Monday my IBD decided to rear it's ugly head again, and I spent Monday through Wednesday on my couch. I got nothing done, other than writing a hilarious post about drama. (I tend to spend a lot of time on social media when I'm couch-bound.)

On Thursday I started to perk up, and I got a text from my trainer asking if I wanted a lesson Friday (that would be yesterday).

Now, the thing about my trainer is that he isn't local and he's kind of a BNT, so I dont just tell him when I want a lesson, he tells me when he's down here and either I jump on the wagon or I wait for him to come around again. Unless I'm actively dying, I jump on the wagon. 

I did warn him that the only things I'd done since my last lesson (several weeks ago) were hunter paces, trail rides and a jumping clinic, and that I'd been pretty sick, so he shouldn't expect much. 

I also texted him this picture of us from the Hunter Pace, to illustrate exactly what I meant by "don't expect much".

So, I had my dressage lesson yesterday. Even after weeks of screwing around and half-assing it, Spider remembered his dressage training and we did a good job. My trainer said my riding looked great, despite me feeling like a ridiculously out of shape blob of suck, and he said Spider looked very nice and relaxed after his little "vacation" from dressage. 

We're not as put together as before, it will take a little bit of discipline to get back to consistently producing 3rd Level work again, but we didn't slide as far back as I thought we had.  I also need to start exercising regularly, because I'm really out of shape. Dressage takes a lot more core strength than trail rides. 

Moral: Even if you feel like a big bag of suck, get out there and do it. Even if all you can do is something completely out of your discipline and you can only muster the energy to do it once a week, it's better than nothing. 


  1. um that ride up wine bar looks amazing and i think every barn should be equipped with one haha

  2. I'm glad that the lesson went well. This is another great post! I feel like a big bag of suck the majority of the time, but I feel like an even bigger bag of suck if I don't go out and ride.

  3. Need some inspiration myself. Still need to stretch my thigh muscles so I can straddle a horse and use my lower leg at the same time after this latest hip surgery. Hoping my Aquafit water aerobics classes might help.

    Glad to see you up an about. I admire your determination through all your health issues. Wishing you some happy riding days ahead.

  4. The pictures are great! I want a trail ride with a hot chocolate bar! Glad you and a good lesson:)

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