Thursday, September 24, 2015

Well, We Got That Out Of The Way

Spider and I achieved a milestone last Sunday. I received my very first "0" on a movement.

In 20 years of showing horses in dressage, I have never gotten a 0, until last Sunday. 

This is also the first time I've ever received the comment, "rearing".
Here's what happens when you receive a "0" in a movement: The test just keeps going, the world keeps spinning, and life goes on. Huh. Didn't see that one coming.

The movement in question was only the fourth movement in the test, but it didn't ruin the whole test. Honestly, I didn't even know it was "0" until I got my results. It was supposed to have been a shoulder-in, and there was definitely some shoulder-in in between the rearing. I was too busy trying to get my all my horse's feet back on the ground to really worry about nit-picky details like scores, anyway. We did somewhat salvage the test, as evidenced by the scores for the rest. I mean, the 4s and 5s aren't great, but look at all those 6s, 7s and 8s!

This is actually what a normal test looks like on Spider. When we're good we're awesome, the rest of the time it's three steps from disaster.
So, what happened? 

Hell if I know.  It was a new venue, a show ground we had never been to before. Spider hates that. I probably should have realized something was amiss when Spider pranced sideways all the way to the warm up. But, I'm sort of immune to that behavior from Spider. Then we got into the warmup and everyone else immediately left, which should maybe have been another warning sign. I heard the word "fractious" used as they all left, but they were probably talking about someone else's horse, because Spider wasn't being fractious, he was just being Spider.

By the time we got to the actual arena, Spider was in full "Spider" mode. We did get through the whole test without being eliminated, and we ended up with a 54%. That's not bad for a test that includes a 0 and rearing. 

This is the judge's way of saying, "Your horse is a talented jerk and you're a pretty idiot".

Luckily, I had a friend there who doesn't know anything about dressage, or horses, and she cheered me up after my test by saying, "I really liked that jumpy thing he was doing. It looked really cool!"

And that's why you always take a non-horsey friend with you to shows, because they will think that jumpy thing you did was awesome!


  1. Your friend cracks me up. :-D I like the "nice try" comment too.

    And I can only hope not to duplicate that, but given that I have an overly sensitive OTTB princess of my own, ha!

  2. Spider reminds me a little bit of Hampton. Quite capable and has nice movements but likes to pepper tests with special, unauthorized movements sometimes. haha. Oh horses.

  3. oh my. you should frame that one!

  4. I think I got a zero once. But I should have protested. The show photographer took my pic and my horse was clearly stepping sideways in his leg yield. I was sure we did it, but apparently the judge did not. I would have given you at least a "1" if you got in a stride. The other scores are really nice and the rider score is great. You deserve to be pleased despite the "airs above the ground."

    1. Oh, wait, I MUST have gotten a zero for a reinback that never happened. That one was a rearing disaster.

  5. Airs above the ground. The judge doesn't appreciate that talent?

  6. Hey!! At least there was an 8 in there? I've had the 54% without the zero, so hey. You're rocking that.

  7. omg @ that "nice try" comment! oh Spider....

  8. I had a 42% without a zero once... Ozzy spent half the test running from the scary white fence and half of it trying to jump over it! Judge's comment was, "Good job keeping him in the arena."


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