Monday, July 27, 2015

So, This Is Happening

I am simultaneously giddy and terrified. I have ridden in front of many Big Name Trainers, my usual trainer is what many would consider a BNT. But Arthur Kottas is not just a BNT, he's a living Master, a legend.

And not only am I riding, but I'm also organizing the clinic. So, I get to meet Arthur Kottas personally and drive him around. I probably need to clean out my pickup for that.  It simply wouldn't do to make him ride around in a vehicle that smells like stinky horse and has random sticky patches from my children.

It's like double jeopardy, not only do I have to not look like an idiot while riding, but I have to not look like an idiot while organizing the event. Right now my thoughts are waffling between, "WTF was I thinking?!" and "OMG! I get to meet Arthur Kottas!!!"

If I survive, this will be the awesomest thing I've ever done.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lessons In Perseverance

I won't sugar coat this: I feel like ass covered ass with ass sauce.

My IBD has reared its ugly head again, and my usual meds aren't working. I'm on steroids again.

If you've never been on steroids, the first sentence of this post pretty much sums up what it's like. I'm exhausted all the time. Not the good exhausted, like after a workout or doing something important... yesterday I had to go lay down after I took a shower because taking a shower was just too much. It's that kind of exhausted.

When my trainer texted me that he would be in the area and asked if would I like to take a lesson, I still said "yes", because I need things like that. I need them to get myself up off the couch and out doing the things that I love.

I warned him not to expect anything spectacular, because I'd been so sick.

About half-way through my lesson he stopped and said, "If this is you riding sick and weak, you can be sick and weak all the time. This is good work."

I laughed, then I had to fess up: "I've only ridden twice since my last lesson. I've probably only ridden 10 times in the last month, but every time I ride I make it count."

I'm not sharing that story for sympathy, or for pats on the back. I share it because we've all got something that we think is holding us back.

Today I learned that if you just get yourself out there, get on the horse and ride like you mean it, you can accomplish great things.

I also learned some really great exercises and stuff, but I'm too damn tired to write them up. 


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