Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Long Time No Blog...

I was just reading someone else's blog when I saw my blog in their blogroll and it said "Last post 3 weeks ago" and I was like, "Crap! Has it really been that long?"

It has. But, this time I've been slacking because I have been doing things, not because I haven't been doing things. In the last 3 weeks I took an impromptu vacation, rode in a clinic with a hangover/jet lag, hosted a dressage show, and went on a hunter pace. Here's the rundown.

A few weeks ago was our 10 year anniversary, so my husband and I went to Las Vegas on a whim to celebrate. We were planning to get Elvis to re-marry us, but then we discovered that the hotel had a pool bar that served drinks by the pitcher and we never left the hotel again.

Seriously, does it look like I'm going to be able to do any walking?

Because no trip to Las Vegas is complete without a bad decision, I had also decided to host and ride in a clinic the day after I got back. So, our flight got in at 8pm, I went home, crashed, got up, loaded up Spider and went to a Fix-A-Test clinic to ride a test I hadn't ridden in over a year on a horse I hadn't ridden in a week. Luckily, they didn't change the 3rd Level tests all that much. The movements are all the same, but the half passes are a little longer.  Also luckily, I know the clinician and the clinician knew I had just come home from a 4 day bender in Las Vegas. Not that I got scored any less harshly, but at least I had a good explanation. Sort of. I'll write up a whole post about that soon. (What I remember of it.)

The next weekend was the first show of my local GMO's schooling show series. It went off perfectly, in spite of the ring being flooded when the show was supposed to start and half the entries scratching. Actually, the scratches were a good thing because it allowed us to push the start time back two hours and get the arena dried for the rest of the tests. Running horse shows teaches you to think on your feet and improvise with MacGyver-like skills, I highly recommend that everyone volunteer at every horse show they can for exactly that reason!

Then this past weekend was the hunter pace at a local vineyard. I went on this same hunter pace last year and we won the Optimum Division, but this year my back was bothering me so I did the "Just For Fun" Division. There's no ribbons, but there's loads of wine!

Better than ribbons.

We also had a birthday party for Jack, who turned 5 on March 31st. This year he wore a sparkly glitter rainbow cowboy hat for his party. He also got loads of treats, extra rice bran and a thorough grooming from the kids. When his party was over, he refused to go back in the pasture and had to be coaxed in with more treats and a promise that he might get a half-birthday party if he's good.

In between all that, I've been seeding pastures, getting the garden ready, trying to convince Spider (and myself) that we really can do the PSG and teaching my daughter to ride.

She's already better than me, I'm going to have to refer her to Lendon Gray.
Oh, and my daughter just reminded me that Spot's birthday is this weekend and he needs a party, too!


  1. You have been busy! Glad you're having fun.

  2. birthday parties and benders and anniversaries and dressage tests. yep sounds good to me! :)

  3. Awwww your daughter and her pony are so cute! I have been prepping for gardening too, which in my case mostly means killing a lot of seeds in my attempts to start them without spending any money on lights or heat, just the natural heat of our central California sun. Glad you had a lovely anniversary!

  4. I just love how you fit the booze in! ;-)

  5. Another birthday party! You surely have been having fun. So Happy Birthday, Jack, Happy Birthday, Spot, and in the meantime, do try to keep your own head on straight. *S*

  6. You've been a busy little bee! Glad so many things are going well for you & yours.

    P.S. That cowboy hat is THE BEST


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