Sunday, February 1, 2015

Spider Is A Supermodel!

He always knew it was in his destiny, and now my pretty, pretty princess has made his dream a reality!

He's a natural.

Spider has been featured in an advertisement for a Kickstarter fund!

A little while ago somebody contacted me about using Spider's picture from an old post in a Kickstarter ad for a stand alone belly brush for horses.  Naturally, I said yes, because it's a hilarious picture and the guy was really nice (flattery gets you everywhere with me). The picture in question is of Spider scooching his butt and belly across the ground to scratch himself.  The Belly Brush is something horses can use to scratch themselves with that's been developed by two members of the Animal Science Department at UC Davis.

So, here it is: Spider's modeling debut:

It actually seems to be a pretty good product, too. And I'm not just saying that because my horse is one of their models.


  1. Cool idea - I'm sure my guy would appreciate this tool

  2. The start to a whole new modeling career! But really, the product seems like it'd be really useful!


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