Friday, December 19, 2014

I Think I'll Eat A Worm

Jack ate a worm today.

I was cleaning the heated water tank, which involves flipping it over, when I discovered a bunch of nice fat earthworms in the warm, wet soil underneath it. I have a frog who just loves worms, so I grabbed one for him. At this point, Jack came wandering up to see what I was doing. Naturally, he wanted to know what was in my hand. After all, it might be a treat! 

I opened my hand to show him, thinking he would just sniff the worm and then move on. Nope! He slurped that worm right up and then went back to my hand to look for more. 

I am simultaneously disgusted and impressed. On one hand, ewwwww! A worm! On the other hand, I probably don't ever have to worry about Jack being a picky eater. 

So, tell me I don't have the only horse with the appetite of a garbage disposal. What weird things has your horse eaten?

Oh, and Mr. Frog did get a worm. I picked up another one and was careful to keep it away from Jack. 

Happy Mr. Frog


  1. My Paso used to love lemons and passion fruit. Go figure! Hahaha... But I think Jack wins with the worm!

  2. The worm is decidedly high on the list of strange foods for horses. Maybe, though we don't know it, horses regularly do eat worms when they graze?

    I had a friend whose horse loved to eat hot dogs at horse shows.

    My horse, Russell, loved hot tea with cream and sugar. He also loved mint Girl Scout cookies.
    Either one would probably have him caught in a drug test at a horse show due to the caffeine.

    I honestly haven't tried too many exotic foods with my boys. Just my luck one of them would like $1000/tin caviar or something equally expensive.

    Be glad Jack likes free worms.

  3. Ewwwww!!!!!!! I had a pony who loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and also like peanut butter mixed with dog food.... that was an accidental discovery lol!

  4. Many years ago, my pony ate a tuna sandwich. Silly little guy wanted seconds!

  5. Gobble first, taste later says Jack. Too funny :D

    Just want to wish your family - 2 and 4-legged - a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!


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