Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Have No Internet.

I have no internet.
That really sucks. 

I was going to make a haiku about it,
But then I realized I'm not very good at haikus and should probably just post something from my phone. 

Here's a recent picture:

*Note to self: Don't try to take selfies around Jack and Spots. They will totally photobomb*

Hopefully we will have internet soon. Verizon has 24 hours to fix this or I'm bailing on them. It's been over a week, and they claim it's an outage. Pbththththtb. 

(I just found out that my phone autocompletes "pbththththtb". Heh. That's kind of cool!)


  1. I gave up on Verizon years ago. All set to watch the olympics live on on FIOS and it kept crashing. Contacted India...numerous times. Ran through their troubleshooting thing over and over until I had the whole 45 minute procedure memorized. Finally escalated to someone in my time zone. Still no fix. Then a local guy did something and gave me a number to call if what he did didn't fix it. Well it worked for about an hour. Called him back and got....India again. I was furious. Switched over to cable modem/Comcast. At least I talk to people in the USA when I have a problem and so far, aside from Sandy when all the wires were down, my service has been really good.

  2. Love the picture!! I hope your internet is fixed soon. That sucks!


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