Saturday, September 6, 2014

Apparently, NJ Doesn't Understand How Seasons Work

September has been oppressively hot, and I have done nothing with my horses. Well, I look at them and pet them and think, "Tomorrow I will work you lazy lumps", but then tomorrow comes and it's gross and I sit in the kiddie pool instead. 

I had high hopes for September. My oldest went back to school, which means I no longer have to spend my day breaking up fights between her and her younger brother. Never let anyone tell you that you should have more than one child so that they'll "have a playmate and entertain each other". My children fight like cats and dogs if they have to spend more than an hour together. I have to put them on different floors of the house or in separate parts of the yard to keep the peace, and they still interrupt me every few minutes with, "He looked over here!" "She's on my side!" He threw a toy at me!" and then the inevitable chorus of "I'm bored!!!!!"

But, I digress... I was whining about the heat. It's hot. And gross. Usually I don't really mind heat and humidity, but it's September and it is not supposed to be over 90 degrees. My body is in full protest and refuses to even entertain the idea of riding. Instead, I've been doing farm stuff that involves the tractor doing all the work and fixing things that require a minimum of effort. 

Today's project was fixing some of the latches that hold the stall doors open. My horses are pastured 24/7, but always have access to a shed row barn. The barn doors are held open by latches that turned out to be a little too flimsy to hold up to the butt scratching of 1000 lb animals, so as they get broken I use baling twine to tie the doors open. But today seemed like a perfect day to fix them properly with sturdier latches, so I untied the baling twine and then realized I had forgotten a tool I needed in the garage. I left the unsecured doors to go root around for my tool, which took some time, and when I returned I found this:

The wind had blown the stall door shut, "trapping" this genius in the stall. Upon closer inspection, I found genius #2 behind him, also "trapped". 

Somehow, neither one of them managed to figure out that all they needed to do was push the door and it would open right up. They were both very grateful that I so heroically came to "free" them and rushed out as soon as I opened up the door. That's what they get for snooping around!


  1. I hear you on the heat. I'm hardly riding Lucy at all -- its too dang hot. And the kids... you crack me up! I so remember those years.

  2. My boys would do something like that. They spend a lot of time together in one stall. Funnier when they get "locked" in the barn aisle. The gate opens in and closes behind them. So they are trapped too. since they can push the door in to get in and can't figure out how to pull it back open to get out...maybe. The barn aisle is rather entertaining in the meantime. And then there is always the neck stretch efforts into the feed room.

    Hope the heat broke down there too. Thunderstorms saved us last night up here in Central NJ. I think those last few days were the hottest and most miserable of the summer.


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