Monday, August 25, 2014


I have seven saddles and three horses. Somehow, only one of those saddles fits only one of those horses.

Well, not really "somehow", that particular saddle was custom built to fit that particular horse because that particular horse can't fit into an off the rack saddle. 

That particular horse also refused to stand straight for the picture.

Spider's back is narrower than a narrow tree and he has a very high wither. 

I suspect that Jack is also going to be a special one and, once he's really working and done growing, I'll probably have to spring for a custom built saddle for him, too. For now, he can get by in the other saddles with some strategically placed padding. He has a high, long wither, but his back isn't quite as narrow as Spider's. It's the length of his wither that's going to mess up the saddle sizing. 

This was a very difficult shot to get.  Jack just keeps getting taller.

And then we have this mess:  

I never noticed how big his butt is before.

Spots has a wide, flat back and a high wither. My medium and medium wide saddles should fit him, but they don't because of that $&@"?! wither! 

I can sort of get the MW dressage saddle to fit with a pad folded up under his wither, but that only works for me. The kids' legs don't reach the end of the flaps on the dressage saddle and their pony saddle doesn't come close to fitting Spots. It fit Matilda perfectly, but she was built like a keg. Spots is built like a horse and not nearly as fat as Matty was. The kids are going to outgrow that little saddle soon, anyway. 

So, I guess I'm going to have eight saddles and three horses soon. 


  1. I'm finally down to three horses/three saddles - all of which fit (in two cases with some shimming) - and everybody's done growing!

  2. One suggestion...Ansur. Check out the website at
    I am a rep and have an Ansur dressage saddle for demos. If you are interested, let me know.
    Ansurs are on the high end pricewise, but one saddle essentially fits all. You can use the same saddle on all three horses, no fitting issues.

  3. I love that spotted butt!! Adorable! Sorry about the saddle fitting..... saddles are so irritating. I wish someone would invent a miracle saddle that fits anything lol. Not that we would be able to afford it!


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