Monday, August 25, 2014


I have seven saddles and three horses. Somehow, only one of those saddles fits only one of those horses.

Well, not really "somehow", that particular saddle was custom built to fit that particular horse because that particular horse can't fit into an off the rack saddle. 

That particular horse also refused to stand straight for the picture.

Spider's back is narrower than a narrow tree and he has a very high wither. 

I suspect that Jack is also going to be a special one and, once he's really working and done growing, I'll probably have to spring for a custom built saddle for him, too. For now, he can get by in the other saddles with some strategically placed padding. He has a high, long wither, but his back isn't quite as narrow as Spider's. It's the length of his wither that's going to mess up the saddle sizing. 

This was a very difficult shot to get.  Jack just keeps getting taller.

And then we have this mess:  

I never noticed how big his butt is before.

Spots has a wide, flat back and a high wither. My medium and medium wide saddles should fit him, but they don't because of that $&@"?! wither! 

I can sort of get the MW dressage saddle to fit with a pad folded up under his wither, but that only works for me. The kids' legs don't reach the end of the flaps on the dressage saddle and their pony saddle doesn't come close to fitting Spots. It fit Matilda perfectly, but she was built like a keg. Spots is built like a horse and not nearly as fat as Matty was. The kids are going to outgrow that little saddle soon, anyway. 

So, I guess I'm going to have eight saddles and three horses soon. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today's PSA: Wear Shoes

I am the absolute worst about wearing shoes. As such, I'm always getting splinters and stubbing my toes and just generally getting stupid injuries that don't happen to the properly shod.  On the plus side, I'm always up to date on my tetanus shot!

So, a little over a week ago I was out wandering near the barn with no shoes, which is really the worst place to not be wearing shoes, when I felt a sudden sharp pain in my foot.  I hopped about for a minute, cussing and looking around for whatever it was that attacked me, but didn't see anything.  My foot was a little red, but there were no marks, so I assumed it was just a wasp or something and hobbled into the house to mix myself a wasp sting cure.  (AKA Margaritas)

The next day I felt a little under the weather, but I attributed it to the 3rd margarita I had and went on about my day.  On day two, I woke up barely able to walk, completely wracked with intense muscle pain all over my body.  I decided this was probably something more than a wasp sting or hangover and went to see the doctor. (Sometimes I make good decisions)

After reviewing my symptoms and doing some blood work to rule out horrifying diseases like ebola or something, the doctor concluded that I had most likely been bitten by a black widow spider. He also admonished me for not doing a better job of hunting down the offending insect to identify it.  You know you have a country doctor when you get fussed at for not properly IDing the creature that bit you instead of for wandering around with no shoes.

Luckily, black widow bites are not fatal in healthy adults. Unluckily, they are horribly painful. I could barely walk for about three days, and wasn't quite right for over a week afterwards.  The venom causes widespread muscle cramping that makes you feel like you did a triathlon with no training. I do not recommend the experience.

Always wear your shoes!

Spiders are lurking everywhere...


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