Monday, March 17, 2014

Let's Get This Party Started

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Alright, Winter.  It's mid-March and it's time for you to piss off.  I know you like to hang around past your welcome, sometimes well into April, but I'm not going to acknowledge you anymore.  I'm going to completely ignore you until you get the hint and leave.

Moving on, it's time to get back to business.  Spider is fat, Jack has no topline, and I'm just patheticly out of shape (unless "gelatinous" is a shape). We need to get fit, which means we all need to get moving.

After three months of extremely sporadic riding, I decided to just go for broke and have a lesson with my trainer on Spider. What was I thinking?! 

I used to think that I should be "prepared" for a lesson, that the horse and I should be fit and ready to work on all the tricks we need for shows, that we should have mastered the last lesson and be ready to learn something new.  As I've trained my own horse up the levels, I've realized that was a really silly thing to think. 

Seriously, training just doesn't work that way. There is no "mastering" of one concept and then moving on. I can guarantee you that the second you think you've "mastered" something, that concept will run up and bite you in the ass. Then you'll spend your next lesson being re-schooled in the concept you "mastered" last time. So, an unprepared lesson is not a bad thing at all. An unprepared lesson gets you back on track, it helps you re-focus and exposes the holes in your training.

My unprepared lesson showed me that, underneath the layers of flab and hair, the training is still there. We just need to get fit again, then we'll be back in business.  Spider's fitness plan is to do a lot of cavaletti work and walk-canter-walk transitions, along with lateral work.

Jack's fitness plan is a little different.  Because he's young and has no topline, his first order of business is going to be ground work: lungeing, in-hand, long lines, etc.  He needs to regain some muscle in his back before he starts serious under saddle work again.

My fitness plan is: A) start working two horses again, B) also do more exercising on my own.  It snowed today, so I didn't want to wasn't able to work both horses today, but nothing's stopping me from doing a bit of weight training.  Guess I should get off the computer and get started with that.....


  1. Lol, working out at home... yea.....still working on that too... Hope you get some good riding weather soon.

  2. Offering encouragement on the fitness front. I've been fairly good this winter, although I've managed to regain a pound or two of all the ones I've lost. Bummer that.

    Sorry about the snow down there. We, apparently, were just on the tip of the storm and only got a dusting. My chiropractor lives in the Lumberton area and said he had 5 inches or so. Bummer that too.

    Hope that lesson inspires you and gets you totally motivated to get fit again. As you get fit, so will your Boys. Just think of it as a team effort.

  3. If the weather ever decides to cooperate again - I'm right there with you!

  4. Yep. Another snow day for us. It was downright spring-like on Saturday. I want more of that.

    After nursing a baby for nine months and counting, I don't think I've spent this much time on a couch in my entire life! I miss exercise.


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