Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Polar Vortex Can Go Suck An Egg.

A frozen, busted egg.
My girls are dutifully laying still, despite temperatures that are barely getting into the teens.  Unfortunately, the eggs freeze and crack before I can get out to the coop to collect them.  I am not amused.

The tractor still won't start, either.  I'm stuck moving bales of straw and hay around and mucking stalls with a little hand cart.  It's ridiculously time consuming to lug things around one little cart load at a time, but it's not like I've really got anything else to do in this weather. On the bright side, I will be very fit once spring comes around!


  1. This winter just stinks - can't wait for spring!

  2. We had a surprise snow day today. Our fourth one this school year. This is getting old.

  3. so sorry you guys are all going through this, its crazy one country can have such different weather.

  4. Can you plug your tractor in?? I use old horse rugs over mine sometimes to try and keep it a bit warmer. This weather is really sucking...hang in there.

  5. :(

    We are having a major drought in CA. Crazy how our weather is soooooo extremely different!

  6. My tractor's battery died totally and the starter shorted out as well. I am getting a battery maintainer and think I will put a heating pad on the engine next time it gets this cold. Unlike you, I do not need the tractor to do the barn chores, but I surely do need it if we get snow.

    I've never seen eggs do that, but I am not at all surprised considering how cold it's been.

    Temps will be rising today. Sending warm wishes for better days ahead.


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