Saturday, October 12, 2013


New Jersey has been inundated with wind and rain for the last few days.  Hopefully, this isn't a preview of what winter will be like.  I prefer my winters like my wines: dry.

When we have this type of weather, I'm always surprised at my horses' reactions.  Well, I guess after four years I'm not really "surprised", anymore.  Just annoyed. Before coming to live here they were all kept in stalls, either in show barns or racing barns.  My set up here is that they can come and go as they please.  I have two shed row barns, 5 stalls total, that I leave open for them to come and go as they need.  Before a storm, I always bed the stalls as deep as I can with nice fresh straw so they'll have a nice and cozy respite from the weather. They mostly view my efforts as snack time.

"Check it out, you guys.  She totally left food in here again!"

They'll stand in their stalls, happily munching on my straw bedding, until the actual storm hits.  Then they all go outside, butts into the wind and heads down, until the storm has passed.

They've even convinced poor, innocent little Jack that this is a good idea.

This wet weather has motivated me to start water-proofing my leather goods for winter.  For most of the year, I'm rather hands-off with my leather.  I have a dry cloth that I use to wipe the dirt and sweat off after every use and I oil it if it looks dry, but other than that I don't do much with it. Some people think you should wash leather goods frequently, but I disagree.  Water rots the leather and stitching, and if you wipe it down every use it doesn't accumulate enough grime to need much washing anyway.

But, in the wet and yucky winters of New Jersey, I do find that leather needs a bit more protection.  It needs some water-proofing.  So, come fall I start coating all my leather in beeswax.  Why beeswax?  Because it's it's inert, it's water-resistant, it won't rot leather or stitching, and several years ago a very attractive man with a sexy Australian accent sold me a tub of it at a Horse Expo.

Water-proofing supplies.  The margarita is optional, but very helpful.  

You could also use mink oil.  I used to use mink oil, and it worked perfectly, but it isn't sold by attractive men.  However, I'm almost out of my beeswax, so if you know of any leather water-proofing products sold by attractive men, I'm all ears.


  1. hmmm... I have mink oil. I use leather cleaner/ conditioner sparingly after each ride, then mink oil when it looks dry. I want to know where to go to see the Australian salesman :)

  2. Maybe the only thing better would be leather products hawked by a handsome Irishman. A handsome Irishman telling stories and sharing adult beverages - that would work for me. ;D

    We had the deluge before it came your way - 13 inches of rain in 36 hours... Val generally stands tail to the wind with his head hanging, getting soaked, but this storm he found his inner hot house flower and hung out in the shelter - staying dry but depositing mountains of poop which he churned and spread. Lovely...

  3. As good a reason as any to use a product. ;)

  4. Hate to tell you this, but the rains never hit central NJ. It was a bit windy, but dry. Sorry.

    My horses do the same thing too many times to count. Lately, they've been a bit more reasonable and have tended to stand under the barn run in roof. One of my trainers suggested they prefer to stand outside where they can see everything and it's quieter because the rain/snow/wind are not battering against the roofs and walls. Could be.

    I don't tend to over condition my tack, particularly my saddle as the flex tree/treeless concept depends upon the leather's structure to work best. The beeswax does sound good, though, in case you hit a wet day. But, I too want to know where the cute salesman is. That would make a huge difference in my buying some......*G*

  5. I would love to have some bathroom waterproofing in Sydney so thank you for the interesting post!


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