Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Google+ and Steak

We had really nice steaks for dinner, accompanied by a very nice Malbec red wine.  It was so nice, that I had another glass for dessert.

Then I wandered upstairs to catch up on bloggy stuff and blindly followed the Google prompts to integrate Google+ into my blog.  What can I say, I make bad decisions after steak and Malbec.

So, now I'm wandering through the Googlesphere trying to figure things out.  If my blog goes all wonky, it's because I kind of suck at the interwebs......


  1. My philosophy--if it works, I tend to leave well enough alone. Half the time advances in technology seem to cause me more trouble than they are worth.

  2. OMG I had the same problem, be careful if you delete linked pics from Google+ they disappear off your blog, or at least they used to when I did it. I'm not a fan of the overly integrated Googlesphere, its really messed some things up for me.

  3. I did the same thing & now I'd love to be able to de-integrate (or disintegrate?) Blogger and Google+. It took me a while to figure out how to change my last name on Google+. I really didn't want everyone on the Internet knowing it. Kind of wish there were privacy settings like on FB. I feel the same as Kitty Kat about all this integration...

  4. I spent a few hours trying to figure that out, minus the wine, which in retrospect I should have had to take the Google-edge off. I abandoned hope after a while; now I don't feel so bad after reading this post and the comments :)

  5. I innocently linked to Google+ a number of months ago and suddenly no one could comment. Google got so many complaints that they finally allowed people to opt out of the comment linking. So, now I like it. I've gotten a lot of followers on Google+ and that's pretty cool.

  6. Google+ scares me... it took me forever just to get on Facebook!


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