Monday, May 20, 2013

Action Jack!

Jack is so ridiculously quiet, he's almost comatose.  I was beginning to wonder if he might be better suited to a career in Western Pleasure.

But I finally managed to get some pictures of Jack in action today!

He trotted and cantered over the whole pasture.  And what was the catalyst for this sudden display of athletics?  A fly.

It appears our little Jack does not like flies.  Which is a problem, because we live in New Jersey and there are a lot of bugs here.

The horses already get Simplifly, which is a feed-through growth inhibitor for flies.  Basically, it keeps the flies from breeding in the poop.  I don't use Fly Predators, because I have free range poultry.  The Fly Predators end up being very expensive chicken snacks.

I use fly spray, but only sporadically.  I've tried every fly spray on the market and none of them seem to do a thing.  I'm not even sure why I buy it, really.  I guess the companies who make it just have good marketing.

I've got Jack in a fly sheet right now, but I'm thinking of trying one of the feed through fly-discouraging supplements.  Most of them seem to contain garlic, brewer's yeast or some combination thereof.  I've never tried one before, my other horses don't really get worked up about the bugs.

Any recommendations?  Do they even work at all?


  1. Fly sheet is definitely in order, regardless of what else you use. Had minimal success with the feed supplements, but I was thinking of trying one again this year. Some people claim lots of success with them.

    I have no chickens, so I use the predators. I also will get my guys on Simplifly or Equitrol--have to buy it. I end up with not a lot of stable flies, but I get deer flies from the woods and the B52's later in the season. My two TB's go nuts.

    Does Jack have a run in shelter. That can help a lot too. But the flysheet is the key ingredient.

    If I find anything else that works well, I'll let you know. By the way, some TB's are just really sensitive to the flies, so he's not being a sissy at all.

  2. Feed throughs only work if every horse on the property gets them, at least that's my 2 cents. Fly sheet number one, and then I have heard good things about the "fly tags" that you braid in their mane but I haven't tried them myself.

  3. I'm laughing about chicken snacks. We use fly predators but our chickens don't go out of their pen (the dogs would eat them before they could eat the fly predators).

  4. i've had good results with the pyranha citronella flyspray... red mare approved. also had good results with "bug check"; crazy 3/4 tb x oldeburg approved... compliments of shilo. who would run thru pipe fencing to get away from teeny weeny biting flies.

  5. Haven't found anything that really works. We use Fly Predators and fly masks. The sprays haven't been useful at all.


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