Friday, April 26, 2013


So, I haven't updated with my results from last weekend's show.  That's because there wasn't one, not for me anyway.

Remember how I was late for the schooling show?  I was late for this one, too.  Except, this one was USEF recognized and if you aren't ready at the recognized show they just go on without you.  So, I was scratched.  Never even got into the ring.

I was very disappointed with myself.  My time management skills stink.  Next time, I'm going to allot myself a lot more time for getting ready and travel!

So, I paid my "idiot tax" in show fees for a show I didn't compete in.  But, in the spirit of positive thinking and learning, it wasn't all bad!  I may not have gotten there in time to perform my test, but we still got there.  I took Spider out and he got to eat grass at the showgrounds while I schmoozed with people I knew there.  He had a very low key day, then got back in the trailer and went home.  I hope he learned from this experience that shows aren't always manic, crazy events.  His show nerves are worse than mine, so I think this experience was probably good for him!

Most of this week has been dedicated to getting ready for the show I'm secretary-ing tomorrow.  It's been really fun and, after I get it all done, I'm going to write up my whole experience!

I have other big news as well, but we'll save that for another post.

Can you spot the difference?


  1. Ooh Ooh!
    *waves hand in air*
    I think I know....chubby little pony is looking much thinner?

    I'm sorry you didn't get to show, but how cool that you were able to turn it into a positive experience.

    1. She has trimmed down, but that's not it!

      I try to make everything a positive experience, for the horses and myself. If it's not fun, why do it?

  2. Oh, dear. I always alloted a lot of extra time when I showed. I guess years of experience kind of taught me to expect the unexpected and plan for it in advance.

    If you braid the night before, you can wrap each braid in aluminum foil and they will stay in pretty well. Then, put all your show gear in the truck the night before as well and set the trailer up--even hitch it up. Then take into account how long it's going to be to get to the show grounds, add another half hour to that. Then give yourself at least an hour and a half at the grounds before your test. Better if it's two hours, but that depends on how well your horse warms up.

    Rushing around the day of the show at home never works. Load and pack the day before. Hopefully Spider loads well, so in the AM, all you should need to do is a quick grooming, boot him up and off you go!!

    Bummer to spend all that money and not make it in time. But at least you made lemonade out of the lemons and used it as a good experience for your boy.

    1. It was traffic that did me in this time. I had been getting lax in my time management, though. Next time I'll be giving myself A LOT more wiggle room!

  3. Were you able to practice your warm-up at least?

    1. I actually didn't think of it. I just pulled him off the trailer and let him eat grass while I schmoozed. It wasn't until I got home that I thought "Ah, man! I should have schooled him there!"

  4. It does pay to add in several hours of buffer time into any equations involving horses + travel. Of course you know that... you have to factor in children, husband, farm and extra horses as well.

    Sounds like you made the best of the situation. Hope this weekend goes more smoothly! :D

    1. I had gotten lax, and was only factoring in an hour of buffer time. Next time I'll be factoring in much more time!


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