Monday, November 5, 2012

The Year in Review

The USEF/USDF "year" is coming to a close.  I know this because they are sending me many emails reminding me to send them their money renew my membership, not because I've actually been showing (except that one unfortunate incident last week).

But, even though I'm not showing, I've still been working...

So, with the "year" coming to a close, I figured this was as good a time as any to post some pictures of Spider this year, compared to Spider last year.

Spider's back, 2011.

Spider's back, 2012

Spider's Conformation shot, 2011

Spider's Confirmation shot, 2012 (He wasn't as cooperative this year)

Me riding Spider, 2011

OK, that's obviously not really me riding Spider in 2011 (Spider is way better looking than that horse!).  But, I don't have a 2011 shot of Spider under saddle.  So, here's one of him under saddle this year.

Needs more "oomph".  Next year's canter will be oomph-ier.

I think this year I will shake things up a bit and join one of the local Group Membership Organizations instead of joining the USDF directly.  I want to to do some more volunteering at shows, particularly the big ones at the Horse Park, and that seems like a more direct way to get involved.  I've never belonged to a GMO before, should be interesting.  


  1. Such change in a year! Spider is looking good! :)

    I join ESDCTA on and off -- whenever I have the money and think I'll end up showing -- and most of the volunteering I do is for their shows (whether I'm an active member or not!). At least as far as the Horse Park group goes, everyone has been pretty nice! They also hold a bunch of clinics and educational events throughout the year, and you can put volunteer hours toward some of the fees.

  2. Quite an improvement in Spider! Good job.

    Battery going. On my way.

  3. Wow! That is a huge difference in his physique. You both look lovely in the canter photo.

  4. Great before and after pictures. Nice job conditioning. You look great in both riding pictures!


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