Monday, October 8, 2012

My (mostly) Finished Arena

As I was sitting on the deck looking out over my arena the other afternoon, it occurred to me that I never actually posted pictures of my finished arena.  I posted tons of details about building it and the materials, but never the finished product.

I shall amend that grave oversight now.

To refresh your memory, we started with this:

March 2010

April 2010

Pretty much a blank slate.  Now, we have this:

October 2012

October 2012

Features include:

A gazebo and deck for viewing, complete with fireplace, grill, beer/wine fridge and various children's toys (or, as I like to call them, "de-spookers"):

Deck and gazebo are situated at F, which is represented by that fancy arena marker.

A pen for my children where they can "supervise" the training and de-spooking process without getting run over:

People always comment on how calm my horse is at shows...

It even has a pond where I can reflect upon my ride:

It's also close to the beer/wine fridge, in case I need to drown my sorrows.

And, of course, the most important feature:

State of the art, extremely fancy arena markers.  It's the the hallmark of a fine facility.


  1. Gorgeous! And the arena markers do add a bit of whimsical charm :)

  2. I love it!!!!!! Looks fantastic! I really need to get a fancy viewing area as well!

  3. Thanks for sharing! You thought of everything and it is totally gorgeous.

  4. Gorgeous! I like the "pen" for the child supervisors. ;)

  5. WOW! It is amazing :) I love it.

  6. That looks great!! I do like the despooking details. It is rather quiet here at my house so I don't have the benefit.

    The gazebo and pond a lovely touches and, of course, I do admire the rubber mix in your footing.


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