Sunday, September 23, 2012


I am not feeling inspired as of late.  I'm riding, but I'm just not doing anything very interesting....

Spider and I are working on polishing the Third Level work.  You would think that it would be a very interesting topic!  But, it isn't.  It turns out that polishing the Third Level work just means doing the same old things we were doing at First Level.  Turns out that whole "Training Scale " thing is pretty accurate across all the levels.  Who knew?

I've never trained a horse this far before by myself, and I'm dumbstruck as to how similar this "upper level" training is to the foundation training I've put on so many horses over the years.

So, I'm working on trying to write up what we're doing now.  I'm just not sure how to make it not terminally boring.


  1. I think the onion analogy applies here. You have forward, straightness, suppleness, relaxation, contact, and connection, but then you have to keep improving upon those fundamental components as the balance shifts back and confirming that they are still there in the extended gaits and during half-pass or a flying change for example.

    That is not boring, by the way, but I get it. You are still working on transitions, tempo changes, the quality of the connection, and your own position. That is why riding, and dressage especially, is only for the terminally horse crazy.

    Hope you are feeling better, too.

  2. I think you should post lots of pictures then! :)

  3. So it's true what they say - it's all the same :) Congratulations on getting a horse this far by yourself. Great job.
    I'm finding a little hard to stay motivated this fall too, for the first time ever. Something in the air? I'm trying some bareback riding to make it a little more interesting.

  4. Yeah...Pictures!!! we love pictures!!!! LOL

  5. My thought was the same as Carol's -- congratulations on getting Spider so far by yourself. I'm hoping to do the same with Winston but our journey is just starting (first show this coming weekend). The furthest I've ever taken a horse is 2nd level and I had A LOT of help from my trainer. Winston is the first horse that I've trained myelf who also has potential to go up the levels. You are my inspiration! ...and I'll keep plugging away at the basics. Foundation, foundation, foundation.


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