Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Upcoming Seminar, "Judging For The Rider"

I don't usually advertise things on here, but since I'm actually involved in the organization of this seminar, I'm going to shamelessly promote it.  Mostly because I think it's a great seminar! (I wouldn't be helping organize it if it weren't!)

Acadia Farm will be holding a "Judging For The Rider" seminar with FEI "I" (4*) judge Gabriel Armando on July 15th, 2012.  This seminar is geared towards riders of all levels who want to learn more about the judging process in order to improve their rides:  The link between the performance and the score, what is needed to get a better score, what is being looked for at different levels, and how to think like a judge.

In this seminar, Gabriel will be presenting a set of unique videos, each showing a series of movements and the scores given.  Movements will be presented multiple times, and the scores will range from good to bad for contrast.  Gabriel will then explain why each score was given, and how it could be improved.

Questions and active discussion from the audience are strongly encouraged!  Lunch and beverages will also be provided.

Gabriel has judged at many International events, including NAJYRC, Pan Am Games, The World Dressage Challenge, and many World Cup qualifiers.  As a trainer, he is an active clinician and currently supervises the training of over 25 riders and horses.  He has also been the National Trainer and Technical advisor to the Puerto Rican Dressage team, as well as a trainer of the Argentinian dressage team.

Acadia Farm is located at 350 Mannington-Yorketown Rd in Pilesgrove, NJ 08098.

The seminar will run from 11am - 4pm on July 15th, 2012 (although, it could go longer if we get a good discussion going!).  The cost is $55, and includes food, beverages and lively, interactive discussion.  You can email me at shannonfornari@gmail.com to reserve your spot, or if you have any questions.  

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