Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coming Soon....

Action shots!

Having my own farm is really, really nice.  I no longer have to deal with the arena hogs, drama queens, and general idiots that populate the boarding barn scene.  I love it!

But, because I'm all alone, I never have anybody to take pictures when I ride.  So, here I am yapping away about my horse's training with absolutely nothing to back it up.  Until today, that is!  Today I got my trainer to take pictures during my lesson!

The entire photo expose on my riding is in the works.  But, for know, here's a sneak preview:

I am in love with this picture!  My little Thoroughbred is a real dressage horse!


  1. That picture is ♬AWE-SOME♫. Can't wait for the expose!!

    1. I am in awe of your ability to put musical notes in your comment. How did you do that? That is so cool!

  2. Beautiful!

    I love the soft look in his eye and the softness in the reins.

  3. He DOES look like a dressage horse! Luv them TB's....

    Looking forward to the rest of the pictures.

  4. Love the slack in the reins. :)

  5. Love that pic :) Can't wait for the rest.

  6. He looks awesome! Looking forward to the rest of your pictures. So glad someone was there to take these.


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