Sunday, June 17, 2012

Trying Something Out

My Internet connection is still being naughty. It's a hardware issue, and not the provider's fault. Our cable and phone lines connect into the far side of our garage. From there, they run under the garage, then under a cement slab carport and then into the basement of our house. Somewhere between the far side of the garage and the basement of the house, both the cable and phone lines are bad. For obvious reasons, we won't be digging them up. We are working on a solution, though. We have plenty of duct tape, baling twine and chicken wire.... And if that won't fix the Internet, what will? In the meantime, I have an iPhone and an iPad that can connect to the Internet through cellular data plans, so I'm going to try to post from those. The problem is, I'm really not that great at doing stuff on them. I guess I'm the new generation of "old fashioned". I just can't get the hang of writing on a touch screen. Plus, I find navigating the features for adding pictures and links frustrating and obtuse. Don't get me wrong, I love my smartphone. I love the apps that streamline my email, Facebook and twitter accounts. I love how easy it is to share information amongst all those accounts. I have even started to love texting, because of how easy it is on a smartphone. But, I just don't love writing on one. I like the feel of the keyboard. For me, writing is not a natural thing. I can't just write something whenever or however. My words come out dead and dry when I do that. I have to wait until I am compelled to write. And when I am compelled, I must write, or else I lose my ideas. When I try to recreate the post after the inspiration is passed it comes out sounding forced. I've lost quite a few posts to my sketchy Internet of late, so I guess I'm just going to have to embrace this new technology. Thus, this is my maiden post from one of these new-fangled apparatuses. If it looks like crap, it's Steve Jobs fault! Also, if you have any pointers on posting from these things, please leave them in the comments. Especially picture posting advice, I can't figure out how to get a picture to post on here. Also, why can't I post comments on some blogs from these things? It's very annoying. Oh, and why does autocorrect hate me? It can automatically correct "Internet", "iPhone", and "iPad" to their appropriate spellings and capitalization. But, it just corrected "its" to "Iran". Not cool, autocorrect. Not cool. Anyway, here goes nothing..... Please forgive any errors!


  1. And it seems that I can't put frigging paragraphs in when I write on this thing! %#^><~|>!

    Sorry. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  2. I think the return button will break text into paragraphs - at least it does on my iphone. No input on the image posting issue.

    Hopefully posting via phone won't be necessary anytime soon. I possess less than feminine fingers which are strong and good but not delicate enough to accurately pinpoint those tiny letter buttons, even when you enbiggen them by turning the phone sideways. :)

    1. I tried return. It looks fine in draft, but when I post I lose the paragraphs. It seems to work fine in the comments, though. Why does technology hate me?

      Love the use of "enbiggen". It's a perfectly cromulent word, I don't know why more people don't use it!

  3. I'm not into the android world either. I ended up with a netbook to take to the hospital when I had my surgery. The android pads were just not my "thing."

    You might need to download a blogger app to add pictures. Not sure about that, but I had to put an app on just to post to Blogger. The touch screen thing is a nuisance, but you might be able to get a little keyboard to attach to your android. Check it out on eBay. I got one kind of cheaply as I recall.

    If you can get to the ends of the cable stuff under the house, you could snake new lines through by attaching the new stuff to one end of the old and then pulling it through. Duct tape may well work, but new cable would be a lot better. If there are no connections under there, it might be a lot easier than you think.

    Then again, I'm sure I have some rats in the barn you could borrow. Some of the cable/electric companies use them to pull wires. Apparently they harness up the rats which then find the shortest route from one place to another (rat treat) spot. I'd be glad to share my little buddies and send a few your way. *evil grin*

    1. I should have known there was app for that! I'll have to download it, thanks!

      I saw those rats on the Discovery channel! They were using them to run wires in planes. Somehow I think they were a different breed from the Jersey barn rat. *G*


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