Monday, June 11, 2012

How Engaging....

I promise I am not neglecting the blogosphere. My internet is being wretched, I get little bits and pieces written, then lose it because the connection craps out. No Fair! We have exciting things afoot here, though. I scribed for the first time, Spider's training has been stepped up several levels, I've started training Spider in-hand, and in July I'll get to go help a friend of mine bring her babies to an Oldenburg inspection(I've never been to an inspection before!). The most exciting news is that Spider and I are finally starting to develop the engagement we need to do the upper levels. It's taken us forever to finally get the motivation we needed to start training this seriously, and how we got there is a story unto itself. Actually, it's probably a few stories..... I just need to get my Internet connection to cooperate long enough to post them!


  1. OOOHH can't wait to hear the stories!!!! Go Spider!

  2. Hoping your connection gets worked out so we can hear your stories!


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