Monday, May 28, 2012

Canter-Walk Transitions!


How long have I been working on those things?  Pretty much for the entire history of this blog.  And I got  finally got them today!

 Well, I've gotten them before, but it was a sketchy sort of "here and there" thing.  No consistency.  If I asked for them ten times, I would get one and the rest would be canter-trot.  But today... today I nailed them every single time.

So, what was my big, fat epiphany?  What did I do differently today that I never did before?  Not a damned thing.  It wasn't what I did today, but what I've been doing for the last month.

I've been working our butts off.

Well, in Spider's case, I've been working his butt on!  Seriously, look at that thing.  He looks like one of those rap guy's girlfriends.  (Baby got back!)

I've been making every transition count, making every transition good.  I've been volte-ing like it holds the secret to eternal youth and enlightenment.  I've been leg-yielding in the canter, I've been counter-cantering, I've been walk-to-cantering.  I've been doing everything but canter-walking.

I've been almost canter-walking...... I would collect the canter, collect the canter some more, collect it again until he was just ready to break gait, then send him back forward to a working canter.  This was one of our main exercises.  We did it over and over again, along with more trot-canter-trot transitions then I ever want to count.  It was hard, it was tedious, it was un-inspiring.  But it worked!  Because today it finally happened.  I asked for it, he gave it to me.

And now we just need to put some polish on it.


  1. Excellent news indeed! It is such a cool feeling when your horse canters off on a cue from whatever gait you choose. Sounds as if all the exercises paid off, as they well should have--it's an impressive collection.

    And, not to pun here, but that collection of exercises leads to collection as well. And that butt looks as if it can handle it just fine. *G*

    Good job you, good job, Spider!

  2. That's great! Thanks for sharing the exercises you did to get there. Think of all the other things at your finger tips now that you have that ability. Spider's butt is looking very impressive :)

  3. Congrats! I understand your joy. We just got canter to walk recently, too. Not consistent yet, but finally on the table. It took us years to transition from canter to trot without running, so I was not sure if canter to walk would ever happen. Spider looks great!


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