Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things To Say, But Computer Broken

You may have noticed my absence. Or maybe not.

My computer is broken. The hard drive self destructed. A new one is on it's way,but in the mean time I have to make do with my phone. This makes blogging difficult, but not impossible.

Honestly, I still find it amazing that I can get the Internet on my phone. My phone is more powerful than the first computer I ever owned. Actually, my phone is more powerful and advanced than most of the computers I've owned!

But, it's still awkward to post from here, because the formatting and interface is a little clumsy. Also, the spell-check function doesn't seem to work. All I can get is autocorrect, and autocorrect hates me. So, I won't be doing much posting until my new hard drive arrives. Which is a shame, because there are many exciting things afoot!


  1. I was wondering where you were. Now I don't have to worry anymore.

    Eagerly awaiting all the news. Sounds as if a lot of good things have been going on.

    Hope the new computer arrives soon. And I am in total agreement about how technology has progressed. The new phones are amazing, but not exactly the best tools for posting blogs and such.

  2. ^-^ My phone is a better photo camera that I have ever owned .. problem it starts to be more and more difficult to download the pics onto the computer O_o

    I hope all your family and animals are well and that your lateral work has stopped hidding behind the barn ^-^


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