Saturday, February 25, 2012

If You're Bored Then You're Boring

I'm bored stiff, I'll admit it.

I had previously decided to have Spider take a little "training break" for the winter, meaning that I wouldn't actively train any new things, just work on basics.  And it's so boring!  I've tried to spice things up with cavaletti and schooling different figures, but I'm still bored.  I feel stagnant when I'm not training new things.

I suppose that's what originally attracted me to dressage as a sport.  You're always moving forward, always doing something new.  Unless you're having a weird winter and haven't been riding consistently, then you get bored and stagnant.  I get bored and stagnant pretty easily.  I have to start challenging myself again.

Luckily, the weather has been cooperating and I've been able to ride.  And, it seems that the weather will continue to cooperate for at least the next week (cue ice storm..... Haha!).  Now I just need to decide which one of the many, many things that Spider needs to learn to start with.  On the list: extensions, half pass (I've introduced the concept of half-pass to Spider, but it needs a lot of work) and just generally polishing the Third Level work.  It is my intention to begin schooling the 4th level work and earn my USDF Bronze Medal this year.  Or, at least to start showing Third Level by the end of the year.  I stink at showing, so I can't really make myself any guarantee that I'll be able to get the scores I need for my medal this year!

But those are more "long-term" goals.  My short term goal is to finish my coffee, then get myself out to the arena to ride!


  1. This erratic winter has not been the time to accomplish much.

    But, I am eagerly awaiting a book on agility training for horses--the stuff they do with dogs and the obstacles.

    I figure if riding bores me since Tucker's dressage future is limited by sore hocks now and then, I might have some fun with him as an agility horse!

    You can do 4th level!! Yes. Get the flying changes down pat and you'll be fine.

    Half pass training made easier: start trotting across the diagonal and then simply add your outside leg. Don't fuss too much about thinking "lateral" but rather foward with the sideways step.

    You're going to be great this year! I will be here to cheer you on and if you decide to show at the NJ Horse Park, let me know and I'll try to get there to support you.

  2. Hi from Italy =)
    I'm a show jumping lady rider
    really nice blog!

    keep in touch


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