Sunday, January 22, 2012

Coping With Winter

Winter has finally decided to settle in here, bringing snow, sleet and ice.  Prior to this icy development I was still riding my horse regularly.

I've developed coping strategies for the cold weather.  I wear layers of clothing, plus lined gloves.   Spider wears his thick fleece quarter sheet.  And we drink wine.  Not a lot of wine, of course.  I certainly do not advocate getting drunk and then trying to ride your horse, but Spider and I do like to have a little nip to get the blood flowing.  We split a glass between the two of us:

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I couldn't get a good picture of it, but Spider sticks his tongue in the glass and laps it out like a dog.  Clever boy.  Unfortunately for me, this method leaves a lot of horse slobber in the glass:

This is why I drink my portion first.

I would love to say that I was riding in the freezing cold because I have a strong dedication to the sport, but actually it was much more mundane than that.  I had taken the horses off the pasture and put them in the dry lot in an attempt to preserve my grass.  The grass isn't growing right now, but the horses are still eating it.  If I didn't pull them off, they would eat my pastures down to nothing.

The down side is that the pastures keep them busy and moving (particularly Spider).  When confined to the dry lot, the horses start to get bored and fidgety (particularly Spider).  A bored, fidgety Spider is a generally unpleasant Spider, so he must be worked religiously any time he is confined to the dry lot.  The dry lot, by the way, is about half an acre.  It's not like they're really "confined".  They're just spoiled.

Unfortunately, snowy conditions have prevented any riding this weekend, so I had to turn the horses back out into the pasture.  It was either that, or deal with a bored Thoroughbred.  I don't really need to preserve the grass in the pastures, anyway.  I can just re-seed in the spring.  Re-seeding is much easier than entertaining a Thoroughbred.  


  1. Love that Spider imbibes. Maybe I should try that with mine! I'm thinking that if the grass is covered with snow maybe they won't be able to eat it. Hope this melts soon. This week should be warmer.

  2. Spider - an equine with discriminating tastes... too funny! :)

  3. I totally agree with letting them have the pastures. It is well worth it and they will grow up again.

  4. I've heard of horses drinking beer before but not wine. That's too funny!!

  5. A bored Tb ... hmmm that actually sounds pretty scary!!! Better let him tear apart the pasture ^-^ He is a cheap date, isn't he? He will drink anything :-)

  6. Cute about sharing the wine. My first horse used to enjoy a cup of hot tea with milk and sugar. Have to be careful at shows, though, so the pass any possible blood tests. I know they test for caffeine, not sure about alcohol.

    Snow's melted here. My pasture just stays open. I don't have a lot of grass anyhow, so it's a moot point.

  7. Yeah, bored Thoroughbred does equal trouble lol. :) I've enjoyed this really mild winter. Sorry it's been too icy to ride.

    I love the picture of him getting ready to drink his wine. So cute!


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