Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am thankful for a wet tractor seat, because I wouldn't be able to get my chores done in this mud without a tractor.

I am thankful for puddles in my arena, because I have an arena of my very own, puddles and all.

I am thankful for wet and muddy horses, because I am living every little girl's dream.  And that makes all the puddles and mud worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Hey, I too love my wet tractor seat, my equally wet arena, and my muddy horses. Some people may think that strange, but to those of us who know what the real blessings of life are, it's perfect!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. And I love the clouds of mosquitos still buzzing around, because that means it feels nice to be outside - it's all good! :)

    P.S. You left me a comment not too long ago predicting that I would become a hermit now that I have my own place... well, you were correct. (although I already had the tendencies) ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family - human + equine!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that this is the stuff of dreams. Happy Thanksgiving!


    Freat post, we always better see the glass half full ...of rain water LOL!

    Big hugs!

    Thanks for the good tips about saddle. I am going towards a Wintec, perhaps an Isabell.

  5. That's wonderful. Even in circumstances that aren't the best, we are still very lucky. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. HEHEHEHEHEHE Muddy ponies, they are the best!

  7. Great things to be thankful for! I forgot to do a thankful post. I just posted pictures from our trip to my parents house. :)


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