Saturday, November 19, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different...

How cute is that?  It was taken with my phone, so the quality is not the greatest.  That thing has a shutter speed of about 10 minutes (slight exaggeration, slight). 

I took Matilda out on a whim.  Her whim, not mine.  I was trying to get through the gate, and she darted out behind me to eat grass in the lawn.  I couldn't really reward that sort of cheekiness, so I threw her on the lunge line and made her go around for a bit.  Then I let her eat grass in the lawn.

She did pretty well, too.  Once we sorted out who was in charge.  I generally don't do much with Matilda.  She gets brushed every day, and her feet trimmed when she needs it.  Once or twice a month she gets taken out for the kids to torment  brush and have leadline rides on.  But, now I'm starting to think there's some undeveloped potential in that little horse.  Just look at the suspension in that trot!  And check out her free walk:

 I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I think Matilda has better natural gaits than Spider.  Don't tell him I said that, though.  He was already mad enough about me working with Matilda and not him.  He spent the first few minutes neighing, stomping his feet and banging the gate.  Then he settled down and just gave me the stink eye until I brought Matilda back.

Uncle Creepy is watching.......


  1. Potential alternative to riding should your back really start to be a major problem....

    She is a nice mover. And minis are adorable harnessed up.

    My Russell R. used to get really jealous if I worked another horse instead of him. TB temperament in full force, I think. I hope Spider forgave Matilda in the end.

  2. Put that pony on a cart! She's got skills!

  3. Who cares about the shutter speed - that first photo is excellent. Did you pan when you shot it? I love, love, love it... I'm partial to action shots.

    "Uncle Creepy is watching"... lol ;)

  4. Seriously, so cuuuuute! Matilda is the perfect name for that little girl:)

  5. Uncle Creepy HAHAHA Mummy's boy you mean was a bit jealous ^-^

    Mathilda is so cute. My uncle (mine not Mathilda's) has bought very cheap an ex-riding school pony. She is brilliant! Nice gaits and jumps ^_^

    Pony can do a good job too ^-^

  6. I'm sure Matilda appreciated the extra attention... even if Uncle Creepy was jealous.

  7. Matilda couldn't be more adorable. She's a nice mover too, even with Uncle Creepy watching. I'll bet she loved the attention. She looks like she will be loads of fun for the kids.

  8. Uncle Creepy hehehe. She's cute! She does have nice gaits too. :D


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