Saturday, October 1, 2011

Progress In Pictures

Spider,  August 2010

Spider, October 2011

Taking good comparison pictures of horses is a real pain.  I never can get it just right.  The stance is slightly different, the lighting is off.  Plus, Spider has a rather annoying habit of changing color completely between summer and winter.  It looks like two completely different horses up there.  

But, I did the best I could matching up two pictures so you could see the difference a year of work has made in Spider.  He's really beefed up.  I can see a significant difference in his neck and shoulder from last year, all that collected work we've been doing is showing.  

The first picture from last year shows a long, lean horse.  He's well muscled and in good shape, but not like the second picture.  The second picture shows a real dressage horse!  His neck and back even look shorter from the muscle he's developed.  Overall, it gives him a sort of "compressed" look.  Like he's collected even while just standing there. 

I'm pretty impressed with my little Thoroughbred.  As an aside, he's also barefoot and grain-free.  Now, I know that lifestyle isn't feasible for every horse, but I hear a lot of people say that it can't be done with competitive horses at all. Well, there's at least one barefoot, grain-free, competitive Thoroughbred out there who's just as beefy as the Warmbloods.  So I guess it can be done.  


  1. Looking good!! Fabulous shoulder development and definitely stronger in the gaskin too. It is amazing what correct dressage work can do in developing muscle and "beef."

    No luck here with the barefoot as we know, and I do feed grain. But Tucker gets so little it almost doesn't count.

    I have great respect for anyone whose horse looks as good as Spider, no matter what the care program. Nicely done.

  2. Spider looks great! I immediately noticed the neck and shoulder (and color). I don't feed grain to my horse either. If he had the feet for it, I'd let him go barefoot. Unfortunately, that isn't an option for us. Keep up the good work -- it shows!

  3. He's looking great. Good advertising for correct dressage work. To be honest ne looks great in both pictures to me, but I see the development in the 2nd.

  4. What a dramatic change of colour!!! But I can really notice the changes in his muscles all over. Especially his shoulders!
    Well done you! Good example of proper work can do to horse.

    Yes no shoes and no grains can be done. Honestly I think all Dressage horses should be bare. They owrk on sand, so why not? It would help so much in their gaits.

  5. His neck has the greatest change to me. I'm sure in time you'll see more development in the hind end.

    Good on you!

  6. Shannon, when you have time, can you write about Stallions, handling, riding, psychology? Pretty please ^-^ There is not much writing about them. I would love to know how to understand them better.

  7. I have trouble comparing the two shots just because his color is so vastly different. He's looking great, though.

  8. He looks fantastic!! And wow at the color change. That's crazy. He's beautiful. You're doing such a great job with him. I'm so excited that you're doing the barefoot, grain free thing. Keep spreading the word. :D

    Also your comment on my post made me laugh. I can't do tae bo either! I try, but I can't keep up and I trip over my own feet. I was the same way with the Salsa too, but I'm slowly getting the hang of it. I still can't string it all together lol.

  9. I've got an award for you! Drop by my blog to pick it up...

  10. You can see a great improvement, especially through the back! You've won an award over at my blog!

  11. Spider is looking good. What a beautiful horse he is. And who cares who says you can't do what you're doing with his feet and food. If it works I say good, do it. I'd have all of mine barefoot if it was possible. Some need corrective shoeing though. Nice job on the muscles, I'll say it again, he looks wonderful.

  12. Spider is one handsome boy. Can't believe the color change. What do you feed him to keep him looking like that?


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