Sunday, September 11, 2011

Odds, Ends and Spam

Blogger has a nifty little "Stats" tag that shows you how many people are coming to your blog and where they're coming from.  I like to click on it sometimes to see where my blog visitors come from.  I've actually discovered quite a few good blogs to read from my referral sites.   However, I have noticed a disturbing trend in my referral sites:  Many of them have absolutely nothing to do with riding, horses, or even blogs. 

For awhile, one of my major "sources" of hits was a Russian singles dating site.  I thought that was a little odd, but Spider is pretty good looking, so I let it slide.  But for the last month or so my biggest "sources" have been websites selling crap.  Crap like cake pans, online degrees and loans.  What's up with that?  I began to be suspicious.  So, I installed some (free, because I don't actually care enough to spend my money on this) analytical software into my blog.  None of these sales sites appear on my third party analytical software.  Hmmmmmm...........

I'm not one to make conspiracy theories, but I think Blogger may be trying to spam me.  Shame on you, Blogger!  And, cake pans?  Really?  How about you program your web crawler to insert sites with stuff I actually might want to buy?   

Anyway... moving on to the actual subject of this blog, which is not cake pans, I have not been doing much of interest this week.  I'm still working on Spider's canter, still working on my position and just generally trying to move forward (aren't we all?).  I'm still stuck on those wretched canter-walk transitions.  It is taking all of my will power to not just try to drill the things into the ground, too.  But, drilling them over and over would accomplish nothing because the canter is still not where I need it to be.  I could force the transition, but it would not be relaxed and thus not correct.  When faced with challenges like this, when I desperately want to get something accomplished but find that it is just not happening, I repeat to myself the wise words of Alois Podhajsky:

"I have time."

My horse does not care if we ever do a canter-walk transition.  He does not care about my goals or my pride.  He has no goals and no pride.  And so I must remember to make this fun for him, even (and especially) if it is not fun for me. 


  1. Russian singles website? Cake pans? ^-^ LOL!!!!
    That is why my blog is private, and I do not write as well as you do!

    Just gop oustide with Spider hacking and then pouf walk-canter depart because a chicken-raptor, then right after that corner, I am sure triceraptosheep is lurking and hop another one. Perhaps if you had a cue, you might get the same in the arena ^-^ (Grinning)

  2. AHHH the old 'I have time' so true but sometimes ever so frustrating!!!!!

  3. Great blog - why not come and visit where you can post your blog for other Equine Bloggers to follow!

  4. Hehe that's funny. The Russians think Spider is hot. :D

    I think you're on the right track working to improve the canter itself and then later focusing on the transition when he has the strength to canter balanced.


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