Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weird Stuff My Horse Does

To say that Spider has "personality" would be a bit of an understatement.  He's quite the character, actually.  Over the years I have owned him I've noticed several eccentricities about him.

He takes stretching very seriously.  Every morning before breakfast he executes a very nice Downward Dog Pose before he eats.  Breakfast is very important.  One must be properly warmed up.

He also does his Yoga before other activities, like splashing in the puddle in his pasture:

Puddle splashing is serious work.  You could slip and pull something if not properly stretched.

His flexibility comes in handy for other things, too.  He's really an innovator when it comes to scratching his butt.  Most horses just back up to a post or the side of the barn, but not Spider.  Spider sits down on the ground and scoots his butt like a dog.

Sadly, I have no video of this particular peculiarity, because it's pretty hilarious to watch a giant horse scoot on his butt across the paddock.  I'm working on it....

Thank goodness he does all that yoga......


  1. Spider is quite a character. Love his yoga poses and scooting his butt across the ground is hilarious. They really keep us amused.

  2. This post made me smile :)

  3. I've seen horses stretch before, but the butt scoot? That killed me. Must have video!

  4. Very funny - love horses of character!

    Dawn a couple of days ago got creative about scratching her belly - she had rolled and stretched out her front legs as if to get up and then scootched herself back and forth on the ground to scratch the mosquito bites. She also, every time, pees before you feed her dinner.

  5. So adorable!! Must be that tall, dark and handsome thoroughbred thing:) He looks like such fun.

  6. And they say horses are not like dogs. Ha! :) Can't wait for the video...

  7. Oh, the pawing in the water brings back fond memories. My Russell R. used to love to do that. Then, when I went out on trail rides with PJ and Russell, The "Big R" taught PJ all about the "proper use of water." PJ mastered the art of pawing and soon both riders would be drenched. Lovely on a hot day, but not so much in the cold weather. *lol*

    Spider does look limber. I suspect his yoga really helps his athletic ability.

  8. Val does the down dog pose too. Good for you catching a photo - I always seem to have a manure fork in my hands.

    The butt scoot however is completely original and hilarious - looking forward to the video :)

  9. Too funny! I love any horse that does yoga :)

  10. It's not really unusual, but after every hose down/bath when Amber gets directly turned out, she will stop drop n' roll, then jumps up like a monster is under her, and starts galloping off before she's even finished getting up, kicking and bucking and being silly. Every time. And she only bolts off like this after she has a bath! Even if she rolls, she won't run off in a red blur unless she's wet.

    I suppose getting cooled down feels so good she has to express her joy.

  11. Lol - what a crack-up. That is one clever horse.

  12. Has he been wormed lately?? ;-)

    1. No. But only because I get fecals done and he's clean. ;)

  13. Hi Shannon, my name is Rahmar and I would like to ask you if I can use a picture of Spider scratching himself that you posted some time ago. I would like to use it in a Kickstarter video to help describe a brush for horses bellies. Please let me know,
    Very best regards
    Rahmar Oberholtzer


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