Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here We Go.....

The wind is picking up, the rain has started.  Irene is on her way.

We spent yesterday clearing the yard of anything the could potentially become "flying debris" and filling water tubs and every other water tight container we could find.  In a fit of genius, my husband decided to fill the kid's wading pool with water.  That sucker holds five hundred gallons, which should keep the horses in water for over a week. 

The horses themselves will be out during the storm.  I've seen what can happen to structures during hurricanes, and I am just not comfortable keeping a horse inside.  If a tree should fall or the roof come off, I want the horses to be able to escape.  So the stall doors will be open, they can go in or get out as necessary.  I've painted my phone number on their bodies with weatherproof livestock paint and braided dog tags into their tails, in case they get loose during the storm.  I wrote the numbers big enough that they can be read even from afar, in case the horses are panicked and won't let a stranger catch them. 

I've got a big pot roast cooking, which will feed us for a few days.  The freezer is packed full of enough ice blocks to keep it cool for several days, plus we have a little generator that will run off the vehicles if necessary.  I just made a pitcher of Hurricanes.  I think we're as ready as we'll ever be.  Now it's time to sit, drink Hurricanes and wait.

Come on, Irene!


  1. What about the chicken and Evil cat? Out too?

    Only joking. Like Jean, you sound well-prepared. I will be thinking of you.
    Good luck, and hang on tight!

  2. LOL! Evil Cat has already staked his claim to my couch. Evil he may be, dumb he is not!

    I trust the chickens and ducks will find their own way. I know they've got more weather smarts than me!

  3. Unfortunately, Tucker will need to be in so he does not lose a shoe in the muck. However, I will be here to constantly monitor the barn--easy to see from the house--and if anything should look awry, he will be out too.

    Great idea about the pool. I am hoping my generator would run my barn pump if I turned everything else off. But I do have lots of water set aside. I figure 5 days worth unless it gets horrendously hot.

    Batten down and keep up hope the evil lady will head out to sea for a nice mid-Atlantic cruise...we should have bought her a ticket.

  4. I think we're all as ready as can be, now it's just wait and see what happens.

    I don't know how to make Hurricanes but they sound good! Stay safe.

  5. It sounds like you are well prepared - including drinking those hurricanes! Best of luck to you and your critters. We're thinking about you out here in California. I was in a store earlier today when the power went out (heat related, it was 107F outside) and the other customers and I laughed - blaming the outage on Irene.

  6. Best of luck to you and your horses!


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