Friday, July 29, 2011

It Ain't The Heat

It's the sun!

I'm a fairly heat tolerant person.  I grew up in the South, it gets disgusting, sticky, oppressive hot down there.  Heat and humidity are my friends.  It's the sun I can't stand.

It doesn't help that I'm also very fair skinned.  I have no protective layer of melanin to protect me, I just turn red and miserable as the sun cooks my innards like a microwave.  

Spider, on the other hand, seems utterly unaffected by the heat.  Which is a good thing, but it's also really, really annoying. I'm starting him back into work slowly after our extended, heat induced hiatus.  Currently, we're working every other day and just the basics: forward, round, relaxed.  He doesn't really get "slowly", though.  Thoroughbreds just don't do "slow".  They're not so good at "relaxed", either.

Because it's still hot (with no end in sight), I've taken a cue from from other animals and become crepuscular.  That means active at dawn and dusk.  It's a fun word to say.  Try throwing it into your next normal conversation and see what kind of reactions you get.

Normal friend:  "Hey, how 'bout this crazy weather?!"

You:  "Yeah, I've totally become crepuscular"

*watch with glee as normal friend splutters and tries to figure out how to end this awkward conversation in a dignified way*


  1. Crepuscular. I love it!

    I do not mind heat and sun, but humidity YES, I swell like a balloon, thighs, hands, fingers. I am becoming a puffy blob.
    I hate humidity Give me desert heat anyday ^-^

  2. Nina (who is black) is also unaffected by the heat. At about the time I am ready to fall off sideways because I am cooked, she will announce that she is now warmed and and ready to go.

  3. I can't stand the heat either. And I don't even function at dawn of dusk....*G* Late night, very early morning (1-3 AM) seem to be the times I wake up and feel active.

    Good thing I am retired so I don't have to get up for work anymore.

  4. Crepuscular is a great word, which sounds to me like a condition you might not want to have... "She really took a turn for the worse when she became crepuscular..."

    It's horrid here too, and not even August yet :(

  5. I'm not a heat person and lucky for me neither is Blue. Dusty on the other hand never seems to break a sweat or slow down so I know how you feel with Spider. One more month until Autumn and you don't have to be crepuscular anymore. Great word, it does sort of sound like a disease.

  6. I shall have to remember that word!

    I envy your talent. My dream has been always to have horses and now I am afraid to ride...go figure!

  7. I dislike the heat, but I really would like some at the moment. It's freezing cold and snowy here in NZ.

  8. I'm all for the heat and sun (so long as I can find some shade or a little cloud cover doesn't hurt), but I can't stand the humidity. It's miserable. I like a little bit of it because otherwise my skin dries out horribly, but when combined with 100F+ temps it's miserable. I hope we all get a cool down soon.


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