Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Smell Like Ben-Gay

I have reached that awkward age where I am no longer young, but I can't really complain about being old yet. Which stinks, because I'd really like to complain about being old.

Why complain?  Well, I've injured my neck.  I wish I had a really good story about how I did it, but unfortunately I just woke up with it.  Yup, that's right..... I injured myself sleeping.  How does that even happen? 

I saw the chiropractor yesterday, he took a bunch of x-rays and we'll go from there.  In the meantime I'm taking it easy,  longeing Spider for conditioning, and working walk and a bit of canter under saddle.   Walk and canter don't bother my neck, but trot is a little.... jarring.  Spider has a typical Thoroughbred trot, very up and down.  It's OK for posting, but spine jarring if you get out of sync with him while sitting.  Sitting that trot may have had something to do with my neck injury, come to think of it. 

Until the x-rays come back there's not much to be done.  I ice it, rub on Ben-Gay (I prefer to think of it as "people liniment", sounds less "old" that way) and whine.  Whining makes everything feel better.  So does wine, come to think of it.  I should combine the two. 

In the meantime, I set up a little cavaletti grid for Spider to work through.  I had noticed that, while his overall muscle tone is good, his hips look a little hollow.  The muscles of the hips lift the the hind limbs upwards and forwards, so work over raised cavaletti will help build up those muscles.  Hill work would also help, but I am rather lacking in hills here in southern NJ.  I'll have to remember to get a picture of Spider for a "before and after" comparison...


  1. Neck pain sucks. Hope you feel better ASAP.

  2. Ouch - hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hey, ask your chiro to give you some Biofreeze. That stuff really works and usually chiros are the ones who have it. Get better soon!

  4. Forget the Ben-Gay go for a nice shoulder neck massage at a spa! That should loosen everything up. Feel better.

  5. Shannon, back to hurting herself in the most unusual ways. ;-) Wasn't it a sweater last time? ;-)

    So glad you're finding ways to work around it and take care of yourself.

  6. I did just hurt my neck pulling on a sweater! I totally forgot about that... See, I am getting old! *LOL*

  7. I hope you get better soon. Very interesting way to hurt yourself ...excpet I did the same 12 yrs ago I was 28 yrs old then ...Going to bed, getting up with my head tilted to the left. I stayed like that for 4 weeks. Very painful!

    Wish you to get better soon, it has nothing to do with age ^_^

  8. Bummer about your neck - totally agree with GHM's spa suggestion. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I put my neck out all the time sleeping, but my chiropractor knows how to adjust it when I do. However, since you have had more serious back issues in the past, an x-ray was really a smart move.

    I have these heating pad thingies called "Bed Buddy," that you heat up in the microwave. Makes nice moist heat and really feels good for those back/neck issues.

    Whining is very therapeutic provided there is someone to listen. *G*

  10. The spa day sounds better than the chiro. Or maybe before and after.

  11. Nice blog! I am always dealing with neck problems. Best luck at recovering!!

  12. I had the most painful 'injury' of my life when I woke up one morning a year and a half ago. It was my neck / shoulder and I ended up spending two months almost not moving. In the end I needed nerve pain killers (Lyreca) and physio (chiro didn't work for that problem). Just telling you so you can be prepared if it gets worse. Hope it doesn't.
    It's funny - you'd think we'd end up injured from riding, but ...
    Hope you're feeling better quickly.

  13. oh, well crap. Sorry to hear that...yeah, ever since 30 hit the weirdest things start happening at random...Hope you're all better soon!

  14. I'm sorry you're injured! I hope it heals quickly and isn't serious. Please keep us updated on the X-ray results.

    Please do before and after pictures. It would be really interesting to see which muscles cavaletti build. :D


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