Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Forward!

Mud everywhere.
Every winter day I face a difficult question:  In my limited hours of daylight, should I do all the chores, or ride my horse?  I hate that decision.  Some days I procrastinate so long in making the decision that I don't get anything done. 

For the last few weeks, the sun has been setting later and later.  A sure sign that spring is coming.  And now we've set the clocks forward, giving me an extra hour of daylight in the evening.  Woohoo!  An extra hour to get things done!  (I'm not a morning person. I get up early, but I don't get much done in the morning) 

Now, if this mud ever dries, I can take Spider out to the pasture and do some much-needed conditioning work.  We're both a little flabby.  And we're getting bored with the arena.   This winter has been far too long...


  1. Your place looks like ours. Can't wait for the mud and puddles to dry out. Good rides are coming though I can feel it.

  2. Our lives are so similar it is almost

  3. What a clean horse! Is he dark bay with muddy spots? HAHAHA ^-^ The joys of Spring!

  4. Ah yes, shedding season is in full swing, so the extra grooming makes for lots of hairy fun. Spider looks ready for a good brushing!

    Luckily, I don't have a big mud issue here. For some reason, the rain soaked in or dried up, or something. Guess my soil really does drain well.

    The trails are great and my arena is certainly rideable. So what excuse do I have? I'm waiting for some more sunshine, I think.....


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