Thursday, February 24, 2011


I need to clean my boots something fierce.  Proper leather care is important, it makes all the difference in the life span of gear.  It's a good opportunity to check for wear and tear, too.  And, sometimes it can tell you things about how you use your gear.  Whether you want to hear it or not. 

Case in point, the inside calf of my boots.

Right Boot           Left Boot

As you can see, there's a bit of wear there.  That's normal.  What's not normal is how much more wear is on the left than the right.  I took a close up of the left, for illustrative purposes:

The wear pattern wraps around the back of the boot.  That's not good.  It means my left toe is pointing out while I'm riding.  I'm going to have to be more conscious of that. 

My left leg is my bum leg.  Several of the nerves going to it were injured when I broke my back.  It does not always do what I tell it to and I'm not always sure where it is or what it is doing.  Makes things interesting, especially when navigating stairs.  Or riding.  I have to be more conscious of that leg.   When I go up or down stairs I look directly at it the whole time.  It's tricked me before.  When I ride I check its position frequently, but I guess I've been lax about checking lately.  I will have to fix that.

But for now, I'm just going to clean and polish the boots.  Problem solved!


  1. hee hee well I guess I'm not the only one with muddy, dirty boots. :)

  2. Interesting what the boots tell you about using the two legs differently, but you have a good excuse :) To be honest though, there isn't a lot of difference and you are using mostly the sides of your legs, not the back. It looks pretty good to me.
    Unfortunately I've seen for some time that the back of my boots are dirty and worn. Toes pointed out, and I don't have an excuse. I wish I was so lucky as to have the inside dirty! I'm working on it...

  3. Very interesting observations. Just goes to prove that cleaning your boots offers more than good leather care.

    Trying to be aware of your body when you are riding is hard enough. You have a lot extra to think about. Tricky business.

  4. Ugh.

    Nothing like your equipment telling on you. >.> I'm sure I've never had that experience.

  5. The good news is you're observant enough to notice what your equipment says.

  6. Interesting I am now going out to look at my boots and yes they have been nagging me to clean them too!

  7. I love cleaning tack / equipment... way to turn a chore into a riding lesson too! It's a good thing that we have multiple ways to keep track of our position. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  8. i really wish i'd taken a good look at my boots before throwing them away now.. better get those new boots all worn down haha

  9. How do you like having boots with stiffener in them? I have been considering a pair of boots and really don't know how fun it would be having to break in a pair of dressage boots (and by break in, I mean further break in the pair of used Ariat Maestro boots at my local tack shop).

  10. I am not sure about this one. Our horses are not straight, neither are we. Can we still be athletic and get done the work? I think so.

    I woudl check if your aids are efficent more the way you give them. Horses adapt so well. And you cannot re-vive dead nerves.

    My vertebra is definately squashed, but I am trying to be as efficient on the left than on the right. Symetrical ... impossible, but then neither horses are!


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