Friday, February 18, 2011

The Plague

The weather here has been gorgeous.  High 50s/low 60s F, sunny, no wind.  And what am I doing?  Laying on the couch.  Why?  I've got the plague.

Okay, maybe it's not the plague.  But, I've caught whatever wretched crud is going around.  It's settled into my lungs, so whenever I walk more than a few feet I start coughing.  I'll ride when I have the sniffles, that can be managed.  But, it's hard to ride while hacking up a lung.  Upsets the horse. 

I have been out and about around the yard a bit, though.  Fresh air is good for the plague.  As I was messing around in the garden, I saw this:

Winter is almost over!


  1. Feel better soon. The plague is a horrible thing to deal with when the weather is so nice.

  2. What a lousy time to get "it." I had "it" from December to nearly February. Hopefully you will recover much more quickly. I think the warmer, more joyful weather should help.

  3. Blogging has really made me realize how much longer our winters are here in NS, than they are in parts of the US that I thought were more similar. We still have about 18" if snow on the ground (although I must admit it's much worse than usual). We're unlikely to get those temperatures or blooms for at least another month (although there can be rare days of it).
    So sorry you're feeling the pits. Hope it passes quickly and you're out enjoying riding in the good weather soon.

  4. Yuck. Hope you get to feeling better soon. :-(

  5. bigs (((((((((hugs))))))))))) I am not feeling good either. I ahve a never ending colitis and a diet from hell, plus teh wrong medecines that made me worse.

    I cannot wait for the New moon. This moon is bad, everybody is ill.

  6. I hope you get better soon. I had much the same thing, and it ate half my winter. (Yes, it was winter, so that's not terrible, but there are things to do with horses even during bitter cold, so I was pretty unhappy.)

  7. The "plague" is going around here too. Sorry you're feeling poorly - hope it clears up quickly :)


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