Saturday, February 5, 2011

Like A Duck On The Ice

Have you ever seen a duck on ice?  It's hilarious.  Maybe not so much for the duck, but it certainly makes me smile.

Our duck, named Lucky,  has taken up residence in the barn for the winter.  At least someone is using it, my horses prefer to stand under a tree.   Every morning during feeding time Lucky comes waddling over as fast as she can, hoping I might spill some grain.  Ducks are not the quickest or most graceful creatures on land when the footing is perfect.  In the ice, she slips and slides in a quite comical fashion.  

Aside from laughing at the duck, this ice is quite miserable.  It is melting, but at a glacial pace.  

To add insult to injury, the post that I accidentally snagged with the chain drag snapped off at the ground.  I'm not sure what happened, although I suspect that one of the horses may have run into it after sliding on the ice.  They were running around a few hours before I noticed it was broken.  I don't have a clue why they felt the need to run around, other than to give me gray hairs or a heart attack.  Rotten beasts!  Luckily, they escaped injury.

It is also possible that snagging the post with the tractor cracked the post and that's why it failed, but I'm trying to blame someone else for this mishap.  It doesn't really matter who broke the post, anyway.   It will have to be replaced. 

For now, it is "rigged".  The ground is frozen solid, so I can't put a new post in, or dig up the cemented in base of the old one.  This particular post is necessary for keeping the fence up, so just leaving it is not an option, either.  So, I decided to tie the broken post to the gate.  The gate is solid, as is the gate's post.  Problem solved.  Sort of.

Obviously, I am not the one who did this.  My husband came out and used ratchet straps to hold everything together.  I would have used baling twine. 

I will concede that his ratchet straps are probably a better fix, though.

Don't tell him I said that.


  1. I have a post or two like that. I am going to be busy with the post hole digger in the spring...whenever that is. So sorry. What a nuisance.

    I was amazed at the ducks down along the NJ shore. It was so cold the bay had frozen. The ducks were actually pretty adept at getting around to eat the corn we threw out to them.

    Wonder if the wild ducks are a little more surefooted?

  2. "I would have used baling twine." LOLOL!

    There's not much that can't be done with baling twine. I've used it to attach my harrow to my tractor :) Sending warm thoughts your way!

  3. We just clipped a fence post on one of the corners of the paddock with the tractor. It slid on the ice. Luckily we're not using that paddock right now. It can wait until spring. I probably would have tied it together too. Sometimes tools do come in handy though.

    Your lucky duck is adorable. Hope she got her grain without too much sliding today!

  4. I think that post is doomed. It is an easy target ^-^ HAHAHA

    Your horses are really naughty to run on ice. I know of three horses who broke their legs and had to be PTS. I do not mind mud snow, but ice is a night marre!

    It is a very funny weather here, frozen in the morning and warm and sunny in the pm ... weird!

  5. I will try to catch a duck on ice, sounds like it's worth watching

  6. Ugh, I have a bent post a horse itched on and then froze all sidways. Here's to hoping for an early spring.

    Oh, I'd also like to invite you to our Tuesday Trail Tails Linky on Great way to connect with other horse folks.


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