Thursday, January 27, 2011


Just when the snow finally melts off my arena, we get another snow storm.  Winter is toying with me. 

It's only six inches or so, not too bad.  But, still, it's annoying.  I'm ready to be done with snow and ice.

At least the horses don't seem to mind.  I am always amazed at how well they weather these storms.   They go about their day as though nothing happened, content with their lives while I grump and whine about the inconvenience of the weather.  They accept life for what it is. They are secure in the knowledge that they have everything they need and they can be happy with that.

I suppose I should take a lesson from them.  


  1. Only 6 inches!! You are so lucky. There, does that make you feel better? We had well over a foot, maybe 14 inches or so. Hard to tell as it put down a layer of 4-5 inches in the morning and then hit us again late at night with at least a foot.

    I agree. The horses are amazing. They just go on, in tune with whatever the weather dishes out. Then again, they don't have to go buy the horse feed, clean the stalls, or figure out how to get out of the driveway. Times like this you have to admire the simplicity of their lives.

  2. We should all live in the moment like the horses do and take it as it comes. Although what do they care anyway, they have servants bringing them food and cleaning out their living space. I could live with that for a change of pace.

    A little whining doesn't hurt anyone though and makes me feel better. We once had a conversation about Native American names and what mine would be. Without a break in stride my husband said "Whining Arrow". Came up with that too quick I thought!

  3. Shannon

    Won't it be nice when we make the transition to spring... it's easy to get impatient with the inconvenience of the winter weather - makes it harder to be in the moment.

    Fifty one days til spring...

    GHM - LMAO!!

  4. We're snowed in, with snow and ice pellets since last night. I don't think there have been any cars on the road in hours. On the up side, I have to admit that it's like 'found' down time - reading, blogging, etc. without feeling like I should be riding (although I always look forward to riding).
    Hope your weather is better soon.

  5. I'm ready for the winter to be over too.

    Living in the moment is a good thing, I'm sure of that part, BUT if I only had to deal with what the horses do I'm pretty sure I'd be better equipped to do that. Like Arlene said, I could probably live with someone waiting on me for a while.

    I am still chuckling about her husband's choice of Indian names. That is just too funny.

  6. Stupid snow! Love the photo!

  7. I've snagged a few things with my tractor too. Not my fault though, my wife distracted me. Almost snagged my horse's back feet the other day. He doesn't move for the tractor. Had to push him with the bucket once to get him out of the way. The other animals run when I get within 20', but not Flash.


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