Monday, January 3, 2011

More Cantering

The snow has melted and my arena is in great shape. That means it's time to get back to business. Spider couldn't be happier, he loves the attention.

Unfortunately, he still has a lot of pent up energy. So, we cantered again. It wasn't quite as bad as last time, he wasn't spooking at everything. We managed some decent walk-trot-walk transitions in the beginning. But it was obvious that his head wasn't in it. So, we cantered.

Just like last time, I made him round, kept him in front of me and kept him steady. And we just went. I did mix it up a bit, though. For the last five minutes or so of the ride I incorporated the First Level shallow canter serpentines. Every long side, I rode to X and then back to the rail. We did that both directions. Spider complied beautifully.

Not bad, not bad at all.


  1. Those counter canters sound very challenging to me :) Good work.
    I know you've posted that you don't feel you're making forward progress in the winter, but in reading your post I think you're doing more than you realize - forwardness, conditioning, roundness, responsiveness, transitions, rhythm, bonding,etc., etc. Sounds great.

  2. I agree with Carol it sounds like progress to me. I am kind of jealous.

  3. Good going. We are still pretty far from total snow melt, but it's going. This is when that rubber mix in your footing really pays off.

    There are some schools of thought that warming up a Thoroughbred at the canter is best because that's the gait they were bred to do. I've always found it does loosen my horses up.

  4. Not bad at all! Good for you for getting out there in this weather and continuing your training with Spider.


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