Friday, January 7, 2011

Magical Horses

Last summer I accidentally caught one of the fence posts with the tractor's chain drag. Of course, it just happened to be the fence post with the latch for the pasture gate on it. It didn't pull the post out, luckily. It just shifted it a little. Not enough to mess up the fence, but just enough so that the gate won't catch the latch anymore. I tried to push the post back, to no avail. So, I've been using baling twine to keep that gate closed. It's really not a big deal, it's an interior gate, so if the horses break the baling twine they just end up in a pasture, not loose.

Since there's really no grass to speak of right now, I've been letting the horses have access to the pastures. They like to roam around. Of course, they poop wherever they roam and it does get annoying having to pick all that up.

So, yesterday afternoon I locked them into the dry lot. I was thinking that would keep the poop confined to one area, and thus easier to clean up.

This morning, when I went out to feed, there were no horses in the dry lot. They were in the pasture. The gate I had shut last night was standing wide open. A quick check confirmed my suspicions: they had pushed on the gate and broken the baling twine. No big deal, but since it was snowing and I hadn't had any coffee, I decided to fix it later.

Later rolled around, and I set forth to re-baling twine the gate. It was shut. I was confused. This is not a gate that swings readily by itself, and it isn't windy. Also, the horses were on the inside of a gate that swings out. For them to have shut it, they would have had to pull the gate towards them. How did the gate get shut? Upon closer inspection, I was even more confused. The gate was shut and latched.

Now, I know that latch didn't work yesterday. I had two mysteries. How had the gate gotten shut and what on earth had shifted that post to make the latch work?

My best explanation is that when they pushed on the gate to open it the post shifted again. Then, coming back through, the open gate must have snagged on one of their blankets and they pulled it closed. Never mind the fact that the ground is completely frozen and pushing on the gate would have actually pushed the post the wrong way. Also, none of their blankets are torn. I didn't say I had a good explanation, I said it was my best one.

My husband had a much better explanation: "They're magical horses."

Well, now that I know that I'm going to be getting their magical butts to fix a lot more stuff!


  1. Not magical, "mechanical." I've always suspected that left to their own devices, horses could accomplish a lot more than we suspect. My horses are forever carrying off my tools when I'm working in the paddocks/barn.

    Now, you have seen proof of what they are actually capable of. I agree with your conclusion. Just leave a few more unfinished tasks within their reach and you can cut your barn chores in half! *lol*

    Mysteries like this one just don't need an explanation. Gratitude is more than enough.

  2. Magical fence mending horses are much better than magical mystery injured ones!

  3. You gotta love it. My Appaloosa will stand and work (successfully) at untieing knots. Maybe you have a gate / latch fixer :) They never fail to surprise.

  4. Hopefully the horses will only use their magical powers for good ;)

  5. My bet is on a Paddock fairy. Don't you have them in New Jersey?

    Sorry I have just watched the Spiderwick chronicles ^-^

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